How to Root Android phone without a Computer/PC

All about Rooting a Android phone,Advantages and Disadavantages have been discussed in previous post itself.As related to title we are going to learn how to root your Android device without help of PC Desktop/Laptop.I like to share one of the best and easiest method to root your phone,as it is a fastest process to root your device.
root any android without a pc/computer
Many users find difficulty to root their Android device while they are in confusion that whether it will be success or failure.Don’t worry even many of you felt worried while rooting their Smartphone, they will enjoy the best performance at games and apps which are enhanced after rooting their Smartphone.
Rooting your Android Smartphone devices have become quite common these days because many users want to get free from the restrictions.So get ready to root your android phone now.

Xda forums is a site meant for all the developments,modifications, experiments on phone.Alephzain,one of the xda developer has developed an application called ” Framaroot “.

About Framaroot

Framaroot is an one click application to root your android phone.It supports almost every phone and considered as fastest rooting methods.Framaroot uses six exploits to root your android phone namely Gandalf , Boromir ,Sam, , Frodo , Aragorn and Gimli.Now lets start the procedure.

Steps to root your android phone without a computer

  • First You need to download the below file named ” Framaroot ” to your computer
  • Now just ” Copy Framaroot ” from your PC to your phone memory( SD card ).
  • Then Install Framaroot from the apk file you have copied.
  • Select “install Superuser”  option in the Framaroot application
  • Choose any of the exploits from six that appears on the screen and wait for a while.
  • If the operation is Success you will see Exploit result as “Success  … Superuser and su binary installed.You have to reboot your device”/
  •  Then you have successfully rooted your phone.
  • If you see “Failed … Try another exploit if available”  message then try selecting another exploit .Then You can choose another exploit and repeat the process.
  • After the process is completed now check whether your android device is rooted or not using an android app root checker or simple root checker.
  • If your device is rooted you see this message as shown in picture below.

Note :As we have mentioned in our previous post rooting your device can loose the warranty of the device and if rooting your device is not done properly ,your phone gets bricked.First better read the disadvantages of rooting android phone.
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