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How to Make Android/iPhone Games Without Coding

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As we know android games and apps are playing a key role in smart phones.Both paid & free games on playstore are having equal priorities with high craze.Everyday you see apps and games uploaded on Facebook.Do you know how much the Game creator earn through the apps.All Over the world 70 % mainly students  Check out new apps and games daily in playstore. As you have seen, these games have banners ,ads on either sides or before the game starts. By clicking the ads , uploader may earn a huge money.

Besides Monetizing money,if the game looks too good and if people like it ,then you are the millionaire. Free apps can be released,if the demand have raised you can make it an paid app or game.

Recent times Flappy Bird was the game addicted by numerous users.As even it looks as a small game with small size of 900kb,do u know how the creator of the game has earned through the game ?? 

Exactly 50,000$ USD per day was earned by Dong Nguyen.Can’t believe right ?? 
However making money online is quite natural these days on Android games.It is one of the recreation for the people interested in Tech.

There are some tools which provides users to make/create free iPhone games , Android games without coding.I like to share you some of the applications available to make games without coding.


Stencyl is popular and multi-platform tool for making games .Hence it is a user-friendly.You don’t require any programming to create these apps using this tool.You can download it for free in the official site itself.It is the simplest and quickest way to make a game.And you can make Android , iPhone as well as flash games too.You can make games on your desktop and publish directly to play store.

You can choose every element ,every character, layers,textures and its motion. The ” test scene ” is provided after the game is can modify the changes if necessary.I personally suggest one of the best tool to create games without coding.
The World’s Fastest Game Creation Engine used to Design Games for Free while  No Coding Required!
It is an amazing tool for game designers where they can experience limitless freedom in using the application.While you have completed designing test can be done on Android devices.Testing is done for making a good game into a great game.
One of the best and user friendly tool for design of games without coding.It’s just a drag and drop interface with complex behavior.Fully Featured Software to make games for android , iphone etc.
 You need the Reality Factory game creation suite – It is the freely available toolkit that lets you create complete games without knowing any programming. Reality Factory provides a complete toolkit for creating 3D action, adventure, role-playing and many other types of games straight out of the box.
Construct 2 is a powerful ground breaking HTML5 game creator designed specifically for 2D games.It is multi-platform supported software. It allows anyone to build games — no coding required.This tool lets you to create games for Web (HTML5), iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8, Windows desktop, Mac, Linux, Blackberry 10,Facebook,Chrome webstore ,Amazon Appstore.
Tutorials  are given in official site itself to learn how to make an app or game for specific platform.Different modes are built in this application like touch effects,motion sensor etc.This total tutorials can make user efficient enough to build android games without coding.
Conclusion :
These Applications may help you not only to gain knowledge about the game development but also help for earning money if the game designed is too attractive.Hope you have learnt how to develop android games without coding through this post,keep visiting Alltricksbuzz for more latest updates. 
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