Interview with Krishna Moorthy D Founder of Blogbeatz

Hello Tech geeks and bloggers..!! lets have a small break in blogging.An Interview with Krishna Moorthy D who is popularly known as CEO and Founder of which was a brand new blog started a few months back and alexa ranking is almost 31k worldwide within short-span of time helping many of newbie bloggers even.He is also expert in SEO , Make money online , Affiliate marketing, Sponsored reviews , So let us know what are the secrets behind his blogging techniques and make money online methods which might help many newbie bloggers to improve their blogging skills.

Interview With Krishna Moorthy

So Lets Shower the interview questions to Mr.Krishna Moorthy D.

When Did you Start Blogging ? What is the reason behind it ?

I started learning about blogging 2 years back ,but I started real and powerful blogging 5 months back.I used to read ShoutMeLoud a lot so, I was inspired by Harsh Agarwal to start a blog.

Who are your inspirational bloggers and Why ?

My Inspirational bloggers are Harsh Agarwal and Neil Patel and probably its because of their amazing blogs and marketing tatics.

How much time do you spend daily on blogging 

I spent around 2 Hours on my blog and 4 hours on Facebook.

Some bloggers Write articles only for SEO. Is it good or bad ?

Writing about SEO is good, but rehashing content (Spinning) is too bad.Supposse if you’ve written an article about SEO after some experiments then damn sure its too good.

Your traffic sources ??

Search Engine, Social Media and Blogging Communities.
Secret behind your blog success within shortspan ?

” Hard Work and I’m Passionate “

Your average monthly earnings on blogging ?

I earn around $500 – $1000 per month from blogging , clients and internet marketing.

Do You support blogging to be a fulltime career or part time ?

I never support “blogging” as a full time career because the current trends of blogging is changing and you cannot always rely on it.This is the generation of domination.If you need a small income then take it as a full time job and yes I’ve seen many guys earning big with their blogs.So you can consider Internet marketing as a full time career like you can earn with affiliate marketing etc., but not from blogging always.

What are your Future plans in blogging field?

Moving my life as a blogger doesn’t fit my dreams, I gotta develop something big and wonderful to move my business to the next level.

Your advice’s to newbie bloggers ?

Learn blogging and spend time on learning always, never mind income at the beginning stage.


Thanks to Krishna Moorthy for Spending your valuable time for the interview.Hope his suggestions and experiences shared would surely help many upcoming bloggers.Know More from experts and share the knowledge you’ve gained from them.

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