Save & Improve Battery Life of Android mobiles

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 You just need to follow these simple tips and make your battery last long. so I’ll start with some basic tips.

1.Turn Off the WiFi or Data When not in use

 You should turn your WiFi off when it’s not in use. Turn the WiFi on when you need it, turning on the WiFi without any usage also drains your battery. you also set the settings for WiFi by going into the Advanced option so that the WiFi will turn off when the phone’s screen is turned off or if there is not a good network coverage.If it is on, it always searches like Dog which search for the food until it finds some network.

The second thing you need to turn off is the Mobile Data, The Most Battery Eater is MOBILE DATA. you should use the mobile data only when needed or if you continuously wants to sync you Twitter or email then use lower frequency like 2G.
 2. Change your Sync Settings

If you’re using any Cloud storage app like Dropbox or any other then change the Sync settings to WiFi only. if this app will sync your data over Mobile data then there will be a huge drain on battery life and it’ll also eat up your mobile data too.

3. Removing the Unnecessary Apps

Uninstalling the unnecessary apps will help your phone in less RAM usage thus improving the battery life. some apps constantly run in the background and they also consume a lot of RAM and CPU. some apps always try to connect to the internet or servers so it’s better to remove them for improving the battery life.

4. Brightness Settings

The Biggest battery eater of your phone is the display itself. keeping your phone’s brightness at a low level helps a lot. you should use lower brightness in the home, use only high brightness when you’re outdoor on a sunny day.

5. Remove Unnecessary Widgets

Widget does looks so much beautiful on the Home screen of your Android phone but have ever thought that they eat up a lot of battery. use fewer widgets and keep in mind that widgets like Facebook,  Twitter etc which keeps syncing the new posts drain your battery.
Remove widgets from your home screen to save battery life in android

6. Disable RSS Feedback and Touch Tones

That little vibration eats a large amount of battery, so it’s better to disable the RSS feedback and also turn off the sound on touch. it makes some irritated and drains the battery too.

7. Turn Off the GPS and background apps

Turning off the GPS when not needed only use it when you need to use it. WiFi location determination is also up to the match to the GPS location determination.
Turn your background apps off and see a huge bump in the battery life of your phone. believe me, it really helps in saving up the battery juice.

8. Try to maintain the Temperature of your phone

Smartphones batteries work out for long if you’re using it at a cooler temperature. you should also charge your phone under a fan or a cooler environment.Make sure that it doesn’t get wet until it is waterproof mobile 

9. Charge your Phone Properly

Charging your phone in intervals harms the efficiency of the battery and it also lowers the battery life. so charge your phone once until it reaches the 100% and you WILL definitely get a good BACKUP
Tip: Charging your phone after switching it off makes the phone charge so much faster.

10.Avoid connecting USB

Connecting USB unnecessarily and even u can forget to disconnect the device may result in low level of battery
See how much increase there is in the battery life of my Samsung Galaxy Ace
Battery Life on my Galaxy Ace
So hope that this simple tips will help you out in improving your Android phone or any other smartphone battery and do share this Hot Tips with your friends.

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