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How To Use Two Numbers In Whatsapp

WhatsApp is the trending messenger for smart phones now a days But most of them doesn’t simply depend on one Smartphone every time.Using whatsapp two numbers one phone is the possible way now using a simple trick.There are users who change their gadgets very frequently and their WhatsApp account must be deleted and reactivated always when they move to new phones, Unfortunately you loose your WhatsApp groups, messages , and all media.In my last article i have written about recover deleted whatsapp messages, photos and other media files. 

If you need to change your phone number on whatsapp from one to another it is also easy by accessing whatsapp now.But using whatsapp two numbers in same phone is a trick which i am going to explain now.So, now i like to explain you a trick to use two numbers in whatsapp without rooting which can be performed easily. What you need to do is just follow the below steps to use two WhatsApp numbers on a single Android phone.

Follow The Instructions Step By Step Carefully and Comment if any problem arises.

How to Use two Numbers in WhatsApp On Android

  • First inoder to use two whatsapp accounts in one phone,you need to click and Download the Modded version of WhatsApp from below link.
  • Then backup your whatsapp messages and it’s very easy to do. Just follow the screenshot.

  • When the backup process is done , Clear the data in whatsapp from “Settings” Menu on your android phone.

  • Now move this folder  ” sdcard/WhatsApp ” using file manager which you have it  and rename the folder as ” sdcard/OGWhatsApp “.
  • And now just Uninstall the whatsapp from your android phone.
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  • Here comes the trick Start Installing the latest “OGwhatsapp” which you have downloaded ie., Modded version of Whatsapp.
  • Now open the OGWhatsapp ,it asks you to confirm your phone number.Here you need to verify the old number which was previously verified on the official whatsapp which you have uninstalled.
  • That’s it ,Now download the official version of WhatsApp which is latest update from Google play store from your mobile. 
  • When app asks you to verify the number , verify the new number in official whatsapp and you are ready to use two numbers now in your WhatsApp ie., Whatsapp and OG whatsapp.
  • whatsapp multiple phone numbers usage facility is enabled for your mobile now.
  • Success …!! You have whatsapp 2 numbers on same phone by using a simple trick by alltricksbuzz .

Hope you can get more connected with colleagues , relations and friends with 2 whatsapp’s on same phone where as whatsapp multiple phone numbers help you a lot without any disturbances . Keep visiting alltricksbuzz for more updates and tech tricks ..  🙂 

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