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How to Recover Whatsapp Messages,Photos,Videos deleted

How to Recover Whatsapp Messages,Photos,Videos deleted

Well I have posted few whatsapp tricks already.Now I am going to share information that how to recover whatsapp messages.Users who don’t want to see previous conversations by himself/herself or by others delete their messages,photos ,videos on whatsapp.But some time it can be done by mistake.So how to retrieve deleted texts on whatsapp is a thought of every user. Finally the solution has been available to retrieve all data from whatsapp.

The users have many questions about it like
can you recover deleted whatsapp messages ??

how to recover deleted whatsapp messages ??
how to recover deleted photos ??
how to recover whatsapp history ??
” Yes . It is possible  but there are some pre-requirements “
 The demerits of this method is that you can recover only 7 days before media files.Also it works if you have a file manager already installed in it like Es file explorer,Astro file manager, filemanager etc.It is required to backup the files which are lost due to deletion
ecover whatsapp messages

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Alternative Method To Recover Whatsapp Messages,Photos,Videos

  • First you need to backup current data.
  • Go to whatsapp application first.
  • Whatsapp —>Right side touch or button ( opp to back button ) —> Settings —> Chat settings —> Backup conversations.
  • Now back up starts & within seconds you will get a file named ” msgstore.db.crypt ” in sdcard –> whatsapp –> Databases.
  • Rename the manual backup file ” msgstore.db.crypt “
  • If the renaming is not possible in mobile , connect to PC and browse the file.
  • Then rename the file.
  • Now in your mobile ,just go to settings –>Apps –>whatsapp –>Clear data.
  • Now open whatapp application ,Choose restore when it pops on window
  • Then your data will be restored.
  • If not, uninstall whatsapp application.
  • Rename again to ” msgstore.db.crypt “.
  • Now install the application.
  • It prompts on the window to restore.
  • Then Click restore.
  • A website named Recovermessages is used to recover deleted whatsapp messages ,videos ,images easily.Just open the site. 
  • Click on ” select Sqlite file ” to upload file which is in Database folder.
  • Tick on ” i accept the terms of use “
  • Then click “Scan button ” to retrieve data.But you can’t recover it in the mobile .You can just read it or see it on your PC only.

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