How to make YouTube Videos Buffer/ Load Faster

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As you know YouTube is the best online Video Surfing site.Many of them have Slow Internet connection and their desire is to watch YouTube videos without waiting on your slow internet connection.So there are many alternative ways to Youtube buffer speed up.A guide on how to watch videos without buffering is mentioned below.By following these methods you can load high quality videos buffer faster and watch YouTube video faster

I’ll explain you some of the step by step so that you can save loading time and make videos load faster 
.Login into Your Youtube Accounts.

How to Watch YouTube videos without Buffering

Methods to avoid buffering watching your video buffer faster are:

  1. HTML 5
  2. Feather beta
  3. Reduce the Video Resolution
  4. Changing DNS

1.HTML 5:- HTML 5 is one of the best alternative which supports all major browsers.

So 1st You need need to enable HTML 5 Player in youtube .
GO to and Click on ” Join the HTML 5 trail “

Once you Join the HTML 5 it appears like the below picture.By Joining in this watch youtube videos faster rate. 

2.Feather Beta: Feather Beta is the 2nd alternative to watch Buffer-free videos online.
Go to
Click on join the “Feather” beta.

You can leave the page when it appears ” Leave the Feather beta”.

3. Reduce the Video Resolution: Set the resolution according to low depends on your internet speed.Choose ‘ Never play high-quality video ‘.By this method you can speed up youtube buffering.

4. Change DNS Server: Choose your connection. Right Click On ‘ status ‘ Then a box appears as shown in picture.

Then Click on ‘ Internet Protocol version 4 ‘ twice or Click once and choose Properties.

In the below Column, Preferred and  Alternate DNS Servers appears.Configure or Replace the values with 
Preferred DNS Server:
Alternate DNS Server: 

Note :If you Have any values in that place note it down somewhere and enter this values. In case of No internet appears. You can enter the old values you have noted.

Then Click On ‘Ok ‘ and you can even see the change in Internet Speed also while browsing by entering these values.

You can’t stop totally YouTube videos buffering because it mainly depends on your internet connection speed only.Hence these are the possible ways to play YouTube videos without buffering and watch YouTube Videos Faster.Hope you like my Post.Keep Visiting alltricksbuzz for more updates.

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