How to download entire facebook photo album

                                 how to download entire facebook photo album

Hi friends i am back with facebook album Download Trick 

We all use Facebook to share photos with our friends and family members. Sometimes we just love to get whole album and download on our machine. But by default Facebook only allows one pic at a time, which is quite annoying.

Today we have come up with the solution, so you can save whole album from facebook to your local machine in a few clicks.
We have compiled Facebook photo album Download Trick which are completely free to use.
Download Facebook & Instagram Album instantly. You can also change files’ name! ( *Friend Tags* , Original photos and Timeline’s photos are supported.)

If  u are new in using the script use these Extensions for your default browsers

 +  Greasemonkey 

 +  Tampermonkey 

 +  NinjaKit 

 +  Violentmonkey

As many are chrome users I am explaining here About Google Chrome Installation

First Download Tamper Monkey Extension For Chrome 

Link for Extension 

Add Extension to ur Chrome 

Then Click On Script & Then install  it and now i ll explain how to save entire facebook album in 3 clicks only.

Download Steps:

1. Go to any albums/photos tab in profile.

2. Click the link ‘DownFbAlbum’ in the top menu.
   ( click DownFbAlbum(Setup) to reset saved settings )

3. Type in download mode:
  • press Enter -> Normal Download
  • Download without auto load ( For large album )
  • Load from specific id ( For very large album to optimize performance 
  •  Optimization for large album ( Save the page as usual 

4. Save the new content loaded. “Press Ctrl+S”.

5.Then Automatically your entire facebook photo album will be downloaded

5. Click ‘ReStyle’ if the images’ position are wrong.

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