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How to Charge your Mobile Faster

Hi Friends ,
People always think of long battery life but don’t wan t to charge hours together inspite they we dont even have much time to sit for phone till it get Fully Charged .

Smart Phone users face this problem mainly Android users due to short battery period.
Charging at night times is really not a good way to charge your phone. Many bad incidents have been took place , you might have heard it like excess power supply leads to shock circuit and the damage of phone etc .

Its very Simple . Here i like to explain some basic tips in order to charge your phone faster.

Turn Off your Mobile :

Charge mobile faster

While you charge your mobile , if not needed at that specific time , you just switch off your mobile.Even You can Choose Airplane mode so that network will be disabled.

Stop Runnnig Apps:

Charge mobile faster

Major mistake of every android User is leaving the apps running when the phone is not in use.Disable or stop background running applications.

Display :

Charge mobile faster

Reduce your phone display brightness when it is not needed at times.Adjust it while you were going out of your home or office.

Power Out Usage :

Charge mobile faster

Use of power outlet rather than USB-port for charging.While Some people Connect their mobiles to Laptop or PC for charging their mobile. It is a very Slow way of Charging.

Keep it Normal :

Avoid charging the mobile at high temperatures. Usage of the mobile in extreme heat or cold conditions may lead to loss of charging in less time.

Occasional Charge :

Charge mobile faster

Avoid occasional Charging of mobile. Let the battery be charged completely while you plugged in.

Disable Features:

Charge mobile faster

Turn Off you WiFi / Bluetooth/Data while charging if its unnecessary.

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