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How To Hide ” Last seen ” On Whatsapp Messenger


Disable Seen in Whatsapp

WhatsApp is the trending messenger now a days which nobody can avoid from their life. It is a great messenger application that available for almost all Smartphones with OS platforms like Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry etc.

 In Just a couple of years, this app has attracted every  Smartphone users. Just a few months ago, in march, WhatsApp hits 250 million active users. Of course, it is because of WhatsApp awesome exclusive features like chat, File sharing, sharing locations and & Videos Sharing, Funny stickers etc. Overall, everything makes users get addicted over this app.


While looking at Last seen whatsapp android phones  , it has become the annoying thing for most of the users.It works for displaying a particular period when the person was available last on Whatsapp . As Facebook has recently launched  “Seen” feature.
 But, sometimes we don’t want to let others know when we have visited last and if we have seen their message or not.  WhatsApp itself doesn’t provide any setting in app to disable “Last seen Time stamp” feature. Where as in I OS, users can easily disable it using advanced settings in the settings menu. 

Already I have Posted How To Disable Seen Feature On Facebook . Now
I will say the solution for how to hide last seen on whatsapp by an Android app called “Not Last Seen“. And Windows Phone and Blackberry users also have another alternative trick which i ll explain in the following here.



For Whatsapp Users

  •  First of all, you need to download “Not Last Seen“ from here, then install the app.
  •  Now in app, tick “Block last seen“ option. 
  •  Again open WhatsApp and you will see that your Whatsapp automatically goes offline.
  •   Now read ,reply and send messages staying in offline on WhatsApp. 
  •  That’s all.  This trick is personally tested by me & Posted.
For Windows Phone & Black berry Users:
  • There are no External apps for this users.But there is a small tip for windows & blackberry users.
  • When you receive message on whatsapp , disable data connection and see the message.
  • Come out of whatsapp & enable again. So that  ” Last Seen Stamp” feature will not work without internet.
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