Hide Last name on Facebook [2017] Updated Trick]

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I have posted many Facebook tricks on my blog.According to Facebook  Policies, It is must that you should give both First Name & Last name. But in some other countries it is not a mandatory thing. So now we make use of it. 

 Now i like to discuss how to Hide Last name on Facebook , Though its an old trick due to bug fixes in Facebook , the old tricks are not working anymore . Now I recently found a new trick to hide last name on Facebook is a simple and easy method. Just spare 10 minutes of your time hardly and you will be done.

Steps To Perform

  • You need a Fire Fox Browser First in order to perform this trick.You can even use chrome browser if you can manage it.

  • Login into your facebook account and click on Account settings.

  • Now Click on on Firefox on top left corner —> Options –> Click on “Options” 

  • Now a tab appears as shown in figure. Choose ” Advanced ” –>  ” Network “.
  • Now click on Settings and configure Proxies manually.Click tick mark on “Use this proxy server for all protocols “

HTTP Proxy : 
Port : 8080    

  • Thats all. Now Go to Account settings in Facebook —> General Settings

  • Leave Last name empty and enter your password.  Click on ” Save Changes “.

  • Thats all. Now check your name remains Single. You can check the proof here.Its My account 🙂

Note : If the Proxy given above doesn’t work with your Location or if Proxy expires then Click here for new Proxies and use any proxy of Indonesia 

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