Funny Face Swap App For Android

Hello Friends,
I find this App by seeing a Swapped Picture on Facebook.I was amazed first & thought it was the difficult task which was done by Photoshop edit. But searching the image i found that it was just an Android App.

FaceSwap App

Well i was Happy that i would tease My Friends with this app using it on My Android mobile.Come on Just make Fun of your friends.

FaceSwap App

You can Download it Through Playstore .Here i Have Given you a Playstore Link for you.You can even get Pro Versions in Google.

How To Swap Images ??

  1. Then go ahead, Face Swap is all you need.
  2. Just take picture or choose any from your gallery and play with them.

Features :

  • Automatic face detection
  •  Face Adjustment ( Use the Selection oval to adjust the faces).
  •  Face Scaling ( Just touch any face with one finger and drag another finger anywhere on screen to scale).
  •  Face Rotation ( Select a face and use rotation slider to maintain the rotation of selected face).
  •  Flip faces
  •  Swap faces
  • Save to SD card
  •  Share on facebook, twitter, google+ etc.
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