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Download Whatsapp for PC (Windows 7/8/XP and Mac)

Introduction to Whatsapp

Whatsapp is the most used trending smartphone instant messenger application for mobiles and tablets and now for pc. In most of the Android, iOS and Windows Phone users Whatsapp has became part of their lives which helps to communicate with  friends and family. It  has become very difficult when you try to send bulk messages to your friends from mobile because it becomes service provider charge you for that sms.And through whatsapp messenger you can send it very easily.This is not only meant for mobile and tablet users now . So today you are going to learn How to Download Whatsapp for PC.
Before coming to the point Downloading Whatsapp for PC let me give an brief introduction about  WhatsApp messaging and its features to you. Probably you already know about this miscellaneous application but still if you are new to WhatsApp then let me explain about WhatsApp and its existence in the society. By default as we know WhatsApp is a smart phone messenger that lets you sent text messages, videos and other media files without any charge and it consumes less amount of data from your gprs ,3G connections. You can send  all Photos, Videos,locations,Stickers, Sound Recordings and contacts too. So basically WhatsApp gives you a lot of facilities without any charge except basic internet charges.
Whatsapp is also available for apple phone users ,But the advantage for Whatsapp for iOS is totally free for lifetime. Though, the Whatsapp for Android also is absolutely free for one year and after one year you have to pay 55 INR (0.99$) per year to continue using WhatsApp. Most users get free upgrade from WhatsApp every year including me also. But if you are not lucky enough then you can continue using Whatsapp at very affordable cost per year.

Features of Whatsapp for PC

As recently Facebook bought whatsapp, more number of users began to interact with whatsapp rather than in facebook. Mark zuckenburg bought it for 19 million dollars.
As Whatsapp instant messenger is well-known for its fast and user friendly service. Whatsapp delivers messages and all media instantly all over the world. However there are many alternatives to Whatsapp like voice messaging app, Viber,we chat,Tango,Line, Kik Messenger but even  then WhatsApp and the popularity of Whatsapp never comes down.Since no bugs are there in whatsapp, and hence they introduce new updates in application. There are over 550 Million users worldwide using Whatsapp.
Whatsapp has a appreciable interface and good popularity among social media apps. Actually you dont need to fill long forms and connecting email process is not there in whatsapp messenger. All you have to do is install Whatsapp on pc and just verify your phone/mobile number and add a profile picture and status of your desire. That’s it…! Now  You can start chatting with your friends on your phone contact list who use WhatsApp. Basically WhatsApp messages is same for every operating system,but only look changes with windows phone users. Not a big matter what operating system , it always run fast and runs smooth.It delivers the message in fraction of seconds to opponent user.
Like other apps WhatsApp messages have no any annoying ads even if it is free software. You don’t get any annoying ads or pop ups while you are chatting on Whatsapp and it stands for greatness about Whatsapp for PC. There is only one demerit in Whatsapp for PC is that you cannot import your contact list from your mobile to PC. You have to add contacts manually in WhatsApp for pc. But you have to do it once only and then enjoy using Whatsapp on PC.
Whatsapp messenger enables you features of scheduling messages to future and new update recently have an option to remove last seen on whatsapp and display profile picture to my contacts only.
Now There are two ways to use whatsapp on pc :
1.Download Whatsapp for pc with Blustacks 
2.Download Whatsapp for pc without Blustacks 

1.Download Whatsapp for PC with Blustacks


How to Download Whatsapp for PC 

Now We are ready to describe How to Download Whatsapp messenger for PC in a very easy way, Even kids can understand how to download and use whatsapp messaging on pc from now.We have decided to teach a very easy and working procedure to get Whatsapp on PC. Follow the all below mentioned steps carefully and you can then start using Whatsapp on your PC or Laptop with Windows and Mac operating system.
Whatsapp for PC Installation is our first step inorder to experience whatsapp on pc.
And now we are ready to Download instant Whatsapp messenger for PC Version using an Android Emulator, first step is you must download an Android Emulator first. We recommend you to use Bluestacks Android Emulator or You have android emulator. After the completion of  download, move to installation steps below and follow carefully step by step to get Whatsapp for PC.

Install Whatsapp on PC 

  • Download and Install Blustacks from official site .
  • You can download it according to your operating system Windows or Mac
  • Open Bluestacks App player and search for “Whatsapp” in the top search bar.
  • Click on the Install which is  placed at the right side.
  • Wait for a while to download and install Whatsapp for PC.
  • Once process is done,then go to Bluestacks > My Apps.
  • Open Whatsapp messenger and give your phone number
  • Verify your phone number by typing the sent code .
  • Start using Whatsapp for PC.
  • So basically it is very easy to Download and Use Whatsapp on PC. We hope you understood the simple and easy process to Download Whatsapp for PC.

2.Download Whatsapp for PC without blustacks

.Whatsapp for pc without blustacks
  • Download and install Whatsapp Client on your PC from this link
  • After download has completed Open Wassapp Client in your PC.
  • Now just Log in on Whatsapp Client with your Whatsapp account.
  • If you have Whatsapp messenger account previously enter the password and login
  • If not click on New whatsapp  and then click on What is my password ?.
  • Then you get registered and you should add all your whatsapp contacts on wassapp and you can use it normally.
These are the 2 ways to download whatsapp for pc with blustacks and without blustacks .
We hope above written article is helpful to you. We have tried our level best to explain how to Download Whatsapp for PC. If you get any problems, then feel free to comment or ask question in comment  box. We strive to solve it as soon as possible. Share this tutorial on Whatsapp for PC with your friends and to your dear ones also,so that you can use whatsapp instant messages on your hangouts and chats .

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