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Google Play Store is accessed from PC But Downloading the apps is done Android Mobiles only.This was the past story, Now you can Download Apps to your PC directly using Apk Leecher.I know you were bored of reading this Unnecessary Stuff, So Let’s Start Performing the Procedure to Download Apps



-: Steps To Perform:-
  • Download the file APK Leecher From the Below Link.
  • As u get the Winrar file, extract it and Click on Real Apk Leecher with “Android Symbol “
  • Click On ” Edit” and choose “Options”, A box appears as u Seen in Picture below
  • Enter Your E-mail & Provide a password for it, then For Device ID ,Press *#*#8255#*#*
  • Enter all the details & Click On “Save”.
  • Recheck the settings , if its wrong you may face errors



  • At Top Right corner type the App name and you will find as shown in the above. picture
  • Both Free and paid apps are displayed in the list.
  • Choose the app & Right Click on the specific app.
  • Then click on Download as you seen in above picture.  
  • Thats all you will be done .  
  • Apps that are not available on the Play Store are pirated will show up with a question mark, whereas the green check mark denotes apps that have no updates available.
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