Awesome browser With All Awsome Features

Hello Friends ,
Previously i have written many posts on Chrome Browser under Windows Trick catagory.
But now I like to explain you about a different Browser & Awesome browser.

Torch browser

Almost All of you use Google Chrome as your Default browser according to my statistics.
Ok. I too Support it is the best browser. Inspite of many browsers like mozilla , internet explorer, safari , opera , People mostly prefer Chrome .

Is Google Chrome is a King of Browser ?? May be it might be true.

But recently i had found one of the best featured Browser with all Facilities.A browser Which an ordinary don’t have this facilities.


Features :                                                                           

  • Experience the fast in loading the webpages
  • Download Videos without any Softwares like IDM , Youtube Downloader etc 
  • Download Torrents in the browser only . No u-torrent or Bit torrent is required externally.
  • Your Downloads are comparatively Speed which have in-built download accelator.
  • You can search & share video, music links in one click.
  • TORCH Music:Another lovable feature for online listening & Viewing  of Songs powered by youtube.

Facebook Torch-Lift  Features:                                          

Customize your Facebook experiencing different variations  everyday

  • You can add your own Picture background to the facebook in different variations.
  •  You can change the color of the facebook header.
  • You can choose the font type & size in facebook.
  • Photo-pop which enlarge your photo can be enabled.
  • Profile pic appears in a different look (Round shape ) like Google plus.
  • This exclusive features are so exciting.Right ???
  • Just Download Browser from the Official Site 

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