ANDROID 5.0 Key Lime Pie’s Release date & its Features

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Recently Google has been Updating from Android 4 Version to 5.0.The current Android 5.0 Keylime Pie is Going to be released in October 2014.As we have the best features till Android 4.3 Jellybean , Google team is still Working Hard to Update the Best features for KeyLime. Many of them are waiting with enthusiasm for the OS update.However this is going to be released on 29th of October 2014.But there is no official note from Google Still.

ANDROID 5.0 Key Lime Pie

I OS users considered themselves as a step higher comparative to Android users because of the crash rate & bug report ratio.It is corrupted by viruses where as Apple is Virus free inbuilt.Google is trying to learn from the mistakes and trying to update their Operating system  Flawless.

The First device with Android KeyLime 5.0 is to be Samsung Galaxy S III.Hope Many of you are eagerly waiting For this Updated Version.

Expected Features:


Auto Adjustable Brightness Based on time you set. For Gaming Maximum Power delivery option. Power Strip Style widget which allows ease access of these functions.

Multiple Support Capability

Swithching Between your tablets and your SmartPhones becomes easier. Best Support to playstore.Purchased apps from Playstore can be directly downloaded to device.

Change in Swipe KeyBoard

Google is going to upgrade Line Swipe option default in this version which also Predicates upcoming Words.It is possible while you chat more it remembers the words and starts predicates from next time.

A In-Built video Chat App

As you Know Google Hangout, The Upcoming video App is ” Google Live See My Face ” app.It is Going to be the Pre-installed App in this Version as you See ChatOn App On Samsung Mobiles.

Cross device SMS Synchronization Feature :

when you Change the device , SMS left over in your Old device.May be its Important Msg for You and you don’t have Storage on your Sim. Android 5.0 Keylime has come up with solution. If You try to Change the Sim from device , You can back up the messages in your Gmail Account and retrieve it Current device you use.

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