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Advantages and Disadvantages of Rooting a phone

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These days everyone were fond of using smart phones.However flexible features making youth crazier to buy trending gadgets and new mobile phones in the market.But many can’t afford money on smartphones every 6 months or every year. As many features keep on updating 2-3 months span,many spend lavishly their money on phones.Affordable price is being selected,after many searches regarding specifications like camera , GPS ,GPRS,3G,4G, multi-tasking etc finally they choose a phone at comfortable price.Meanwhile both phone features & OS are updated.

Users were fed of this and start rooting their phones.Just Wait.I think many of you have questions as following :

  • What are benefits of rooting android ?
  • How to root android phone ?
  • Is there any risk in rooting a phone ?
  • Is it only for Android or rooting windows OS ( Lumina mobiles ) is possible ?
The Above Questions will be explained cleary in Advanatges and disadvantages of rooting a phone 

What is rooting a phone ?

Rooting a phone means unlocking the device from hidden features which are unable to experience.
Rooting  gives you full access of your device and applications.To know all features that your device can perform just visit XDA-Developers website and type your device name in search box.On selection of your device.You can see accessories ,projects ,development, themes and apps.

Just open any one of themes or apps or android development ,i am sure that a unknown user will be surprised that their own mobile has immense features.Rooting can be done in windows phones too.If you decide to root your android ,then just search the forum like the following image.

how to root android
Thereby you can follow the instructions regarding how to root a phone step by step.Now lets check the advantages of rooting

Advantages of Rooting your phone:

There are many benefits of rooting a android.Namely i would explain it in an order.

  • Get upgraded to latest versions of OS.
         Ex :Ginger bread –>Ice cream Sandwich -> Kitkat
  • Increases mobile phone Battery life.
  • Better backup of data
  • Boosts the performance of device.
  • Ram can be increased.
  • Speed up the applications at best rate.
  •  Incompatible features can be used after rooting.
  • Apps Themes locked can be unlocked.
  • Dress your phone with all latest themes and exciting games
The above features can be used effectively by flashing the kernal.Every phone consists of kernal,kernal  is responsible for all operations done on your device.So if you flash the kernal ,you can upgrade to the latest phone operating systems which  smart phones like Xperia Z ,Samsung S4 uses.Well you can upgrade every OS released by android everytime and it has no limit.

Disadvantages of Rooting your phone :

I solemnly say that disadvantages are only due to lack of knowledge.
  • Your phone may get bricked if the proper care is not being taken while rooting.
  • Experts suggestions and guidance are quite necessary.
  • Void of Warranty .
  • Virus attack might be at higher rate depends upon your usage.
Void of warranty is not a major factor actually because if you have little skill & follow proper guidance,just un-root  your android phone.


Now Decide whether to root  your phone or not.I advice you to root only if the warranty period completes.If you go on search for extra features ,you can get many on XDA -Developers forum.So that you can enjoy all exciting features in your phone when you get bored.
Hope a new user learnt some thing new by reading my post . Keep Visiting alltricksbuzz for more updates.
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