16 March 2015


How To Enable Whatsapp Calling Feature on Android

Whatsapp unofficially testing whatsapp calling feature on small group of android users.After hearing this news everyone are waiting for this feature.But the XDA team senior member has given the procedure how to update whatsapp calling feature. it was really an exciting feature which we can make free calls to our friends without any charge.And Now officially whatsapp had released whatsapp calling feature to maximum users.But some users are still lacking this feature.so i would like to explain how to enable whatsapp calling feature for un-updated smartphones.

I am going to share you 2 methods for installing whatsapp calling feature on your smartphone.

First you need to follow the basic procedure to get WhatsApp calling feature on your WhatsApp.

  •  The very first thing is to get latest version of WhatsApp. If you already have WhatsApp installed, please upgrade it to the latest version.
  •  This feature requires an invite from whatsapp users who have already calling feature so ask your friend or request online friends in social networking sites  to call your mobile through whatsapp.

  • Then Restart or Reboot your phone and you will see WhatsApp calling feature activated on your whatsapp.
  • Thats it ...!! Hope this procedure works out.

If the above procedure don't work on your smartphone. Just follow the another procedure given below

  • Download the WhatsApp APK from Here
  • Uninstall the previous version of WhatsApp if you have installed in your mobile.
  • Then Go to Settings > Security > Allow Unknown Sources. Now you can install APKs from different sources.Enabling this allows to install non-market apps ( excluding playstore apps)
  • Place the downloaded APK on your Android smartphone.
  • Tap on the Whatsapp.APK file and complete the installation process.
  • Once completed, start the app and now you have WhatsApp with Voice Calling feature is enabled on your phone.
  • Restart your mobile and ask someone to call to your whatsapp number,when you receive a call (not a missed call ),you'll have this feature fully activated.
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22 January 2015


Secret Trick To Find High Paying Keywords For Google Adsense

Google Adsense,Ultimately a No.1 Ad-Network serving many bloggers from several years.Getting approval from google adsense is a short term dream of every newbie blogger.
Many bloggers look for google adsense alternatives when they fail to approve by adsense.Better try for Google Adsense Approval Trick using some of my tips in recent article. 

But after getting approved by adsense how to make money online by optimizing adsense ads and using high paying keywords for adsense is a strategic game.Yeah you need to have a google adsense tutorial to increase your adsense earnings.Particularly about optimizing ads
i'm going to tell in my next article,and for now i like to share how to find high paying keywords for adsense.I think you have basic idea about how google adsense pay out according CPC of the keywords.Even if you were not aware of it,i would like to explain about high paying keywords.

What are High Paying Keywords ??

In my recent articles like i gave an case study of keyword research and also best keyword research tools.Keywords are the just the thought of people and which they search for in search engines.where as high paid keywords are keywords which have more CPC (Cost Per Click).When the publishers use high paid keywords in their articles,they can generate more income from adsense.

Tips: SEM Rush is the amazing tool to find long tail keyords which have high CPC.It also give a statastical detail about search volume, countries and density of keywords.By using this tool we can also analyze the website's top keywords.

For Example I have analyzed a top blog which i have same niche related to blogging , SEO, etc. Here you have the Link.

By using this tool you can find keywords of the niche blogs similar to you or competitive blogs related to your niche.By using this tool,you can collect some list of high paying keywords and implement them in your blog which can help you to make money by blogging through adsense.

Even You find Suggested bid in Google Keyword Planner, Choose the Low competition Keyword with high suggested bid.At last try for some long tail Keyword which have obviously low competition,so that you can rank easily.

Tricks:I have already said in my previous post about the content.When you choose to read an article,read every line in the article.Here is the small trick behind reading articles related your niche.When you reading an article in a particular blog who was earning a lot from adsense.Observe some high paying Keywords which will be repeated in an article.So make use of such keywords and write an article and use particular keywords in your blog.

Hope my tips and tricks to find high paying keyword of particular websites which can increase your website traffic and increase your adsense earnings.Comments are welcomed regarding my article.thank you.
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16 January 2015


Sure Fire Trick To Get Adsense Approved In 2015

Hie Friends, Back with an interesting posts regarding Google adsense approval 2015.Many of the new bloggers will be disappointed due to rejection Google adsense ads.I think many of you read articles on how to get adsense approved fast.Do Not buy adsense which were brought using Proxies of other countries.When you buy adsense from somebody,they might not say you all this blah blah...!! But be careful while dealing with adsense.If you choose to buy adsense buy a genuine trusted adsense if the guy promises you to get back adsense if it is banned.But getting adsense fast in the illegal ways have more chance to get banned.So I shall share google adsense tips and tricks to get approval in the genuine way.


First I like to explain a genuine way of getting Google adsense.

Domain Age Factor :

Domain age is the primary criteria for adsense approval.As per the google policies you need to wait atleast 6 months for adsense approval for indians especially.But a perfect blog with all requirements which i have mentioned below need only 2 months of domain age for approval. 

Responsive Template

You should choose a template which is SEO-friendly and which is a quick navigation.The Color and design of the template or theme should be feel good one.Take care in selecting your blogger template or wordpress theme,select a responsive Template or theme

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Content and Posts

 You should write every post which consists of 700 words+ which should be unique content and Copyright Free Images.You should not copy the content from other blogs.But as i said before " Copying From One Source is called Copying " and " Copying and Analyzing From Different Sources is called Unique article writing".Your blog should contain atleast 10+ posts before you are applying for adsense.

Required Pages

Pages you need to create and display on your site are About Us , Privacy Policy , Disclaimer ,Advertise , Contact Us.These are the things which are additional advantage to get adsense approved easily.

A Little SEO

As we know on page and off page seo techniques are required for blogging to get organic traffic.A little organic search traffic adds your blog advantage to get approved easily.Backlink Building externally for your blog and internal links for every post.Optimize Images  for every post is essential to get adsense approval fast in 2015.

Remove other ads

Remove all other ads which you implemented in your blog to monetize from your blog while applying for adsense.Because Google do not like such annoying ads coming on your site which reviewing your application.

DMCA Copy Right

DMCA copyright helps you in 2 ways to get protected from adsense.You'll not get caught soon even you copy some content when you have registered to this site.Even Google adsense policies were accepted that you're site has no copied content.

Check your site with Copyscape Before applying for adsense.

False myths About Adsense

Traffic is not the criteria for the adsense approval,because i personally applied adsense for one of the blog which is inactive and has daily traffic 2-3 visitors/day :P. Even i got adsense approval for that blog.

Alexa Rank doesn't matter for applying adsense.I strongly say even if you have very low alexa rank it doesnt matter.So dont believe in spreading rumors like alexa rank and traffic is more important for applying adsense.

Got Rejected ???

Yeah I know you  how we feel very sad when you are rejected by google adsense.Never loose hope on Google Adsense  ads.Apply again, you will sure get adsense approved if you follow all the rules and regulations.Least choice you should go for google adsense alternatives like infolinks, bidvertiser,Adcash etc.

Reasons You are rejected For Approval of Google Adsense

  • Using BlackHat Tools like alexa boostup,backlink building tools
  • You're already banned by Google Adsense.
  • Using Niche like downloads,adult content,hacking etc.
  • Writing articles against Google adsense.
If possible correct it or take a new domain and apply for adsense following all the aboves rules.Hope you have got answer for how to get adsense approved fast in 2015 and reasons for not getting google adsense approved.Get approved for adsense and make money online easily and enjoy google adsense revenue.Best of Luck Bloggers.
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24 December 2014


Re-Enable Chat On Facebook App Without Using Messenger

Hie Friends, Today I like to share the information regarding facebook chat enabling option ie., how to get rid of this install facebook messenger on facebook app.In recent times,facebook rolled out update that facebook chat messenger for every android is mandatory for chatting on facebook.But most of the people hate it because of several reasons.Why this Facebook Forces users to install Facebook Messenger Which eats away my battery and increases my RAM usage?? Is there any method to re-enable it ??
These Questions has strike out in every geek's mind. 


Basic Android phones were facing lot of problems regarding it because this app slows down the mobile and the app response is very slow.Apart from this More Ram is used on facebook messenger.As you know Facebook App consumes most of the battery of your mobile phone in addition to this Facebook messenger app also drains your battery quickly.

Ofcourse chat heads chatting had became so easy in chatting.As i m using Xperia tipo now i personally use this app to boost my phone speed and save my battery.I m sharing this information only for who don't want facebook messenger app additionally
So here are the few steps you need to follow:

1)First make sure that facebook App is installed on your facebook.

2)Login into your facebook.

3)Check Messages on your facebook app.You'll see a message as shown in this picture.


4)Here comes a small trick to enable facebook Chat.

5)Download FacebookChatEnabler.apk  from this Link 

6)Then install with package installer on your mobile.

7)If the app doesn't install go to
Settings>>Security>>Unknown Sources 

8)Tick on the Unknown sources and try to install again.

9)The app will be installed for sure.Now check your messages in Facebook App.

10)I think you're done.You can see messages on Facebook Chat app itself.   


This App was really helpful to all those users who are using basic android mobile phones like Samsung Galaxy Y ,Sony Xperia Tipo and other basic android phones.So get updated with this trick and enjoy chatting with your friends without any lag.Hope you like this trick.If you have any doubts regarding it ,comments are welcomed.

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10 December 2014


Best Collection of Backlink Checker Tools

Hi Friends...!! You are here to check backlinks of your competitors website.Right ?? Yeah ... I would like to share some amazing backlink checker tools to find backlinks of a website or a blog.First of all,if you are not familiar with backlinks know about backlinks and its importance by the following.

What are Backlinks ?? What is Its Importance

Backlinks are incoming links given to your website or webpage. It is part of Search Engine Optimization.To say you simply a website which gives a link to another website is called as backlink.

Backlinks are important for enhancement of the blog.Getting backlinks from authorized helps you to rank in serp very quickly.So you should build backlinks by using link building techniques.Quality Backlinks represents a backlink from high Page Rank and High Alexa Rank.So i have explained in my previous post about how to build backlinks in effective link building techniques for SEO.Now i like to move on to how to find backlinks of a website.

Here are the best collection of backlink checker tools which are used to find backlinks of a webpage.


Ahrefs the best backlink checker tool which was used by most of the professional bloggers to check backlinks of a particular site easily. It gives us an accurate information regarding site links and the comment and the domain rank of the webpage.But it was a Paid Tool. If you will register in Ahrefs.com you can get 3 backlink reports per day. If you take premium plans you would get more backlink reports.

2)SST Backlink Checker

This backlink checker which was from SEO small Tools was also amazing tool to check backlinks of a website.The feature which i like most in this site was FREE BACKLINK CHECKER ONLINE. You need not pay a single penny to the site. 

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3)Moz Backlink Checker

The Backlink Checker from SEOMoz which is used to check backlinks for your blog.It gives you list of backlinks of the site including its page rank and domain authority.If you need more backlink reports ,then you need premium plans from it.It is worth enough to buy premium plans


The backlinkwatch is one of the free backlink checker tool,but couldn't check backlinks for new websites.As I have personally used to analyze some of the new sites.But for old domains it was very good SEO free backlink checking tool.  


Majestic is also one of the best tool like the other tools. But it can give limited number backlink reports.Sign up into majestic and get some more backlink reports for free.Get premium plans(Paid plans ) .

Linkody backlink checker is the backlink checker to find how many backlinks does a site consists and links of the webpages including Anchor texts in certain sites.You can use either of the tools to find backlinks of website easily.But only 2 links per week .If you want more sign up and buy premium plans.

7)Rank Signals

Rank Signals is the backlink checker which checks SEO backlinks and traffic sources of the competitors.It was an excellent tool actually because you can get traffic sources of certain website.You can get unlimited backlink reports from this website.Sign up to enjoy more features of this online backlink checker.

As We know SEMrush is the best SEO keyword research tool ,mainly used by proffesinal digital marketing people and pro-bloggers.You can even find few backlink reports for website for free for few days.Later you need to upgrade to paid plans to continue that features. 


Link Diagonosis analyses the backlinks a webpage and display the links which are connected to particular page.Its a free tool to analyze backlinks and you can download this tool for  Mozilla Firefox.

Monitor backlinks is a paid online backlink checker tool.You can check backlinks of your competitor's site as well as you can remove bad links of your site.Bad links can degrade your site authority.So this tool helps you remove bad links.

If anyone ask me which is the best free tool I recommend SST Backlink checker and coming to paid tool Ahrefs absolutely .
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05 December 2014


10 Things You Should Question Before Hiring an SEO Expert

10 Things you must ask seo expert or consultant before hiring

Hie bloggers ... If you are reading this post you might be a new blogger or looking for an SEO expert for your company site.Yes every site need search engine optimization to increase visibility in search engines like google , bing and yahoo etc . Search engine traffic( Organic traffic ) should be main source of traffic for every site because it increases reputation of your blog in all terms.Your blog mainly should target the people who are eagarly looking for topics.If your niche was blogging.Concentrate more on traffic worldwide mainly US traffic to increase your earnings.
There are 2 ways to develop a website:
1. Learning SEO and implementing on your site using trail and error methods.
2. Hiring an SEO expert to work on Your blog or website.

If your choice is 1 , you have to work more on search engine optimization for enhancement of your blog.But if you are choice is 2 , then You should choose the best SEO expert,you need to take some precautions and ask some questions to your SEO.

Here are some list of questions you need to ask or question before hiring an SEO expert or consultant.

1. Can You Show me or Tell me about your past projects ?

As you need to know about the person and his achievements in previous projects you should question him about past projects and ask him to show the results and drastic changes that he bought in other websites. Analyze the website properly or ask someone who was expert it in it to analyze blog rank , alexa rank , page rank , domain authority and rank of particular sites.

2. Your clients blogs and contact details ?

Get the details of their clients and cross question them about positives and negatives of the SEO consultant what he/she did in your blog.Ask them about real time traffic to their blog at present and make sure that they are not their friends of SEO consultant personally.Keep an eye on multiple blogs that was enhanced by the seo consultant to know the strategies.

3. What type of strategies you will follow to enhance my blog ?

Ask the SEO expert to say how will he enhance the blog and what stratagies he use to improve blog.

4. What are the SEO tools and softwares do you use ?

You should know about the tools they use in search engine optimization because usage of some blackhat tools for building links and content rewriters to reproduce the content may damage your blog and get into list of penalty blogs in ffuture

5. How do You recover blogs from Google Algorithm Updates ?

Due to Google algorithm updates like penguin , Pigeon , panda algorithms there may be changes in your website traffic and your blog may loose certain backlinks.Your traffic may be decrease drastically.Know clearly about the changes that takes place in case of Google algorithm updates and ask them how can they recover the blog from Google Algorithm Updates.

6. What rank can i expect in certain period ?

Alexa rank and page rank plays a keyrole in terms of websites.Alexa rank is essential to every website.It increases web traffic and also sponsors look for good alexa rank blogs inorder to expose their products on the reputed websites.So ask them about getting Good alexa rank in short time period that doesnt mean over a week but in a month or two. 

7. How do you charge (Whether in instalments or at a time)

Some of SEO consultants charge you and make money before they start work.Better avoid them until you trust them and know them personally.Its better you pay them in instalments because you can gradually see the work of the consultant and you were happy to pay him eventually.

8.Measures in terms of content production ?

 Content producing in terms of SEO agency spin the content of other blogs and reproduce into your blogs.According to DMCA act it is a copied content and it can create lots of problems in future.They should use certain necessary keywords and add internal links in between the posts to reduce bounce rate.Copyright free images with proper Image optimization is essential.They should make your readers to fall in love with your content 

9.Strategies in SEO, SEM,SMO

Search Engine Optimization , Social Media Optimization plays a key role in bringing quality and targeted traffic to your blog.Have a good knowledge in SEO , SMO and SMO to question what are the ways they use to promote using social media sites.

10.How do you measure success of blog ?

Success of blog means ?? How do they convey that blog is successfully running.Do they help in future if any problem arises in Future.Do they give support all the time when the site faces any problems.Success in terms of traffic, marketing and income through the blog is the real success.Understand all the strategies used by the SEO agency/expert. 
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23 November 2014


Download Telegram For PC/Laptop (Windows 7/8/Mac)

Hello Guys... !! Back after long gap with a good post. As we know the trending app on playstore which is giving equal competition for whatsapp. Got the name of the app ?? Yes ...!! Its " Telegram ".A perfect messenger app which is available to download telegram for pc and also telegram for mac too.

This messaging application is predominantly centered around security and rate to give you a chance to delight in pressure free correspondence with your cherished. It provides for you finish opportunity of stay in contact with your loved ones parts by permitting you to make gathering visit with up to 200 individuals. Not just this, you can impart huge features up to 1 GB. 

The application has the choice of "secret Chats" in which there is an end to end encryption of your imparting to guarantee that the messages must be perused by its proposed beneficiary. Its Self Destruct project dodges any danger of records of your correspondence on servers.

Before going to say how to download telegram for pc and install telegram for pc i would like to discuss about the features of Telegram app.

Features of Telegram

  • This app is a very speed and secured application 
  • It is a fastest messenger on the market which can connect users globally 
  • You can sync your messages which are in your android can be stored in Telegram cloud.So that you can never loose your data even if you lost your phone.
  • Group chat is the amazing exciting feature on the telegraph where multiple persons can chat on groups 
  • All this are possible by installing telegram for pc . 
  • 100% Ad-free application compared to other chatting applications 
  • A Secret chat option is the additional feature which was available only on Telegram.
So you need this app on PC. So Download telegram app for pc and install telegram for pc.
Here are the steps to install telegram for pc step by step.

Download Telegram For PC

  • First download BlueStacks app player in your PC from the official Site itself.
  • Then install it just like any of the software.
  • Start BlueStacks and use its search tool to find Telegram messaging app.
  • As soon you find " Telegram " with kite symbol in search results download and install it.
  • If you have any problems regarding installation of bluestacks update to the latest framework.
I think this is a clear guide to download telegram to pc and install telegram app for pc.
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