10 December 2014


Best Collection of Backlink Checker Tools

Hi Friends...!! You are here to check backlinks of your competitors website.Right ?? Yeah ... I would like to share some amazing backlink checker tools to find backlinks of a website or a blog.First of all,if you are not familiar with backlinks know about backlinks and its importance by the following.

What are Backlinks ?? What is Its Importance

Backlinks are incoming links given to your website or webpage. It is part of Search Engine Optimization.To say you simply a website which gives a link to another website is called as backlink.

Backlinks are important for enhancement of the blog.Getting backlinks from authorized helps you to rank in serp very quickly.So you should build backlinks by using link building techniques.Quality Backlinks represents a backlink from high Page Rank and High Alexa Rank.So i have explained in my previous post about how to build backlinks in effective link building techniques for SEO.Now i like to move on to how to find backlinks of a website.

Here are the best collection of backlink checker tools which are used to find backlinks of a webpage.


Ahrefs the best backlink checker tool which was used by most of the professional bloggers to check backlinks of a particular site easily. It gives us an accurate information regarding site links and the comment and the domain rank of the webpage.But it was a Paid Tool. If you will register in Ahrefs.com you can get 3 backlink reports per day. If you take premium plans you would get more backlink reports.

2)SST Backlink Checker

This backlink checker which was from SEO small Tools was also amazing tool to check backlinks of a website.The feature which i like most in this site was FREE BACKLINK CHECKER ONLINE. You need not pay a single penny to the site. 

Also See: Effective Link Building Techniques For SEO

3)Moz Backlink Checker

The Backlink Checker from SEOMoz which is used to check backlinks for your blog.It gives you list of backlinks of the site including its page rank and domain authority.If you need more backlink reports ,then you need premium plans from it.It is worth enough to buy premium plans


The backlinkwatch is one of the free backlink checker tool,but couldn't check backlinks for new websites.As I have personally used to analyze some of the new sites.But for old domains it was very good SEO free backlink checking tool.  


Majestic is also one of the best tool like the other tools. But it can give limited number backlink reports.Sign up into majestic and get some more backlink reports for free.Get premium plans(Paid plans ) .

Linkody backlink checker is the backlink checker to find how many backlinks does a site consists and links of the webpages including Anchor texts in certain sites.You can use either of the tools to find backlinks of website easily.But only 2 links per week .If you want more sign up and buy premium plans.

7)Rank Signals

Rank Signals is the backlink checker which checks SEO backlinks and traffic sources of the competitors.It was an excellent tool actually because you can get traffic sources of certain website.You can get unlimited backlink reports from this website.Sign up to enjoy more features of this online backlink checker.

As We know SEMrush is the best SEO keyword research tool ,mainly used by proffesinal digital marketing people and pro-bloggers.You can even find few backlink reports for website for free for few days.Later you need to upgrade to paid plans to continue that features. 


Link Diagonosis analyses the backlinks a webpage and display the links which are connected to particular page.Its a free tool to analyze backlinks and you can download this tool for  Mozilla Firefox.

Monitor backlinks is a paid online backlink checker tool.You can check backlinks of your competitor's site as well as you can remove bad links of your site.Bad links can degrade your site authority.So this tool helps you remove bad links.

If anyone ask me which is the best free tool I recommend SST Backlink checker and coming to paid tool Ahrefs absolutely .
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05 December 2014


10 Things You Should Question Before Hiring an SEO Expert

10 Things you must ask seo expert or consultant before hiring

Hie bloggers ... If you are reading this post you might be a new blogger or looking for an SEO expert for your company site.Yes every site need search engine optimization to increase visibility in search engines like google , bing and yahoo etc . Search engine traffic( Organic traffic ) should be main source of traffic for every site because it increases reputation of your blog in all terms.Your blog mainly should target the people who are eagarly looking for topics.If your niche was blogging.Concentrate more on traffic worldwide mainly US traffic to increase your earnings.
There are 2 ways to develop a website:
1. Learning SEO and implementing on your site using trail and error methods.
2. Hiring an SEO expert to work on Your blog or website.

If your choice is 1 , you have to work more on search engine optimization for enhancement of your blog.But if you are choice is 2 , then You should choose the best SEO expert,you need to take some precautions and ask some questions to your SEO.

Here are some list of questions you need to ask or question before hiring an SEO expert or consultant.

1. Can You Show me or Tell me about your past projects ?

As you need to know about the person and his achievements in previous projects you should question him about past projects and ask him to show the results and drastic changes that he bought in other websites. Analyze the website properly or ask someone who was expert it in it to analyze blog rank , alexa rank , page rank , domain authority and rank of particular sites.

2. Your clients blogs and contact details ?

Get the details of their clients and cross question them about positives and negatives of the SEO consultant what he/she did in your blog.Ask them about real time traffic to their blog at present and make sure that they are not their friends of SEO consultant personally.Keep an eye on multiple blogs that was enhanced by the seo consultant to know the strategies.

3. What type of strategies you will follow to enhance my blog ?

Ask the SEO expert to say how will he enhance the blog and what stratagies he use to improve blog.

4. What are the SEO tools and softwares do you use ?

You should know about the tools they use in search engine optimization because usage of some blackhat tools for building links and content rewriters to reproduce the content may damage your blog and get into list of penalty blogs in ffuture

5. How do You recover blogs from Google Algorithm Updates ?

Due to Google algorithm updates like penguin , Pigeon , panda algorithms there may be changes in your website traffic and your blog may loose certain backlinks.Your traffic may be decrease drastically.Know clearly about the changes that takes place in case of Google algorithm updates and ask them how can they recover the blog from Google Algorithm Updates.

6. What rank can i expect in certain period ?

Alexa rank and page rank plays a keyrole in terms of websites.Alexa rank is essential to every website.It increases web traffic and also sponsors look for good alexa rank blogs inorder to expose their products on the reputed websites.So ask them about getting Good alexa rank in short time period that doesnt mean over a week but in a month or two. 

7. How do you charge (Whether in instalments or at a time)

Some of SEO consultants charge you and make money before they start work.Better avoid them until you trust them and know them personally.Its better you pay them in instalments because you can gradually see the work of the consultant and you were happy to pay him eventually.

8.Measures in terms of content production ?

 Content producing in terms of SEO agency spin the content of other blogs and reproduce into your blogs.According to DMCA act it is a copied content and it can create lots of problems in future.They should use certain necessary keywords and add internal links in between the posts to reduce bounce rate.Copyright free images with proper Image optimization is essential.They should make your readers to fall in love with your content 

9.Strategies in SEO, SEM,SMO

Search Engine Optimization , Social Media Optimization plays a key role in bringing quality and targeted traffic to your blog.Have a good knowledge in SEO , SMO and SMO to question what are the ways they use to promote using social media sites.

10.How do you measure success of blog ?

Success of blog means ?? How do they convey that blog is successfully running.Do they help in future if any problem arises in Future.Do they give support all the time when the site faces any problems.Success in terms of traffic, marketing and income through the blog is the real success.Understand all the strategies used by the SEO agency/expert. 
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23 November 2014


Download Telegram For PC/Laptop (Windows 7/8/Mac)

Hello Guys... !! Back after long gap with a good post. As we know the trending app on playstore which is giving equal competition for whatsapp. Got the name of the app ?? Yes ...!! Its " Telegram ".A perfect messenger app which is available to download telegram for pc and also telegram for mac too.

This messaging application is predominantly centered around security and rate to give you a chance to delight in pressure free correspondence with your cherished. It provides for you finish opportunity of stay in contact with your loved ones parts by permitting you to make gathering visit with up to 200 individuals. Not just this, you can impart huge features up to 1 GB. 

The application has the choice of "secret Chats" in which there is an end to end encryption of your imparting to guarantee that the messages must be perused by its proposed beneficiary. Its Self Destruct project dodges any danger of records of your correspondence on servers.

Before going to say how to download telegram for pc and install telegram for pc i would like to discuss about the features of Telegram app.

Features of Telegram

  • This app is a very speed and secured application 
  • It is a fastest messenger on the market which can connect users globally 
  • You can sync your messages which are in your android can be stored in Telegram cloud.So that you can never loose your data even if you lost your phone.
  • Group chat is the amazing exciting feature on the telegraph where multiple persons can chat on groups 
  • All this are possible by installing telegram for pc . 
  • 100% Ad-free application compared to other chatting applications 
  • A Secret chat option is the additional feature which was available only on Telegram.
So you need this app on PC. So Download telegram app for pc and install telegram for pc.
Here are the steps to install telegram for pc step by step.

Download Telegram For PC

  • First download BlueStacks app player in your PC from the official Site itself.
  • Then install it just like any of the software.
  • Start BlueStacks and use its search tool to find Telegram messaging app.
  • As soon you find " Telegram " with kite symbol in search results download and install it.
  • If you have any problems regarding installation of bluestacks update to the latest framework.
I think this is a clear guide to download telegram to pc and install telegram app for pc.
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02 November 2014


5 Things To Remember before Commenting On Blogs

As we know commenting on blogs is to build seo backlinks to our own site. Right ?? But by commenting on backlinks for seo in a proper way you could earn lot from that website.So know the power of Commenting on blogs for seo.For it ,You need to keep in mind few things while commenting on the blogs.Effective way of Link building by commenting in the correct way enhances your blog authority.So avoid silly mistakes and try to improvize your blog by interacting with fellow blogger in your comments.In turn person would come back to your blog to comment on your posts.Keep in mind that your blog should be exposed among popular bloggers if your niche is focussed towards bloggers related to your niche like travel blogs, SEO blogs  and other best blog sites.


So I would like to explain 5 important things to remember before commenting on blogs.

1.Don't Spam on Blogs

Spamming on blogs makes the bloggers irritated and reputation of blog goes down while you start spamming on others blogs.Comment relevant comment to the post.Comment in the understandable language.I don't mean these word to say in Event Based Blogging. But when you build links for your own site make sure that comment with suitable subject or raise a doubt regarding the content.Do not mention your blog name in the comment,mention it in Website column.

2.Never Comment On Inappropriate Blogs

Do not try to get seo backlinks from adult sites and un-related sites which decreases your domain authority of your blog.These is one of the blackhat method which may lead to banning of your blog in short time.If you had already built those backlinks for those inappropriate sites, use backlink checker Ahrefs to find the backlink,then disavow tool to delete bad links  that are built to your site.

3.Build Relations by commenting on blogs

Build relation with bloggers by commenting on their blogs in a positive way, So that they get impressed by your comments and comment on your blog back. These relations helps your blog to get exposed over the bloggers.Popularity is kinda important for every website which you should build up.
This helps you to get natural backlinks and Guest Blogging opportunities from other blogs.Clearly a mutual relation can increase your blog authority.Its an great opportunity to increase traffic for your site

4.Comment with Your heart 

While commenting on the post, read the post carefully i.e., step by step.Even if you get doubt about the post then comment on the post or if the post is appreciable then go for comment box and put your words as comments below the post.If your comment is in proper way await for the reply of the admin to respond to your comments.Make sure that your comments should be loved by the admins without irritating him.

5.Commenting can make money 

Commenting can make you money ??? Is it ?? Yes absolutely commenting in the blogs makes the admin to see your site atleast once.If your site is with good alexa rank, the fellow blogger can pay you for natural links for his site.Even when you comment on some sponsored reviews,there is a chance of sponsors may concentrate on your blog too if the comment is attractive and appropriate.So be careful while commenting on your blog.
Comments are the stepping stones for your blog success.
Keep Commenting................!!  

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09 September 2014


How Blogging helped me in My Education Career

Most of you think that blogging is only meant for making money,but it is absolutely a bad idea.Blogging is not only to make money online but to improvize our skills in all aspects.It can give a change in your life style.I am not telling you to concentrate full time on blogging, if you're students part time blogging will help you in many ways.Blogging is the place where you learn and earn a lot if you put your soul in it.Multi-tasking is the great gift given to the human beings, so that it helps you to gain knowledge in different fields.


What I Learnt from Blogging ?

Meanwhile when i have started blogging i was persuing Graduation 2nd year. I have no idea about blogging at all in that days.At that time i tried to make money online by using recharge sites , emails, playing games etc.I use to spend hours together on some of the sites for making money which inreturn gives me a little amount of bucks.So started exploring the best ways to make money online from home without investment. So find few of the methods,but ultimately found blogging is the best way to make money online from home.Started exploring many webpages and read many articles about blogging which gave me inspiration to start blogging.

Finally after 2 years apart from money I Learnt many things which helped me in my education career. Now I Like to share some of them with you all.


Vocabulary is the important in education career as well as blogging career. Well I ll explain how this differ..!! While writing articles in your blog,to attract the visitors to your blog worldwide your vocabulary should be crystal clear.So I learnt how to make readers to fall in love with my content.

In the same way I wrote my exams to attract attention of the examiner.I used my vocabulary  in my exams too.Mainly in theory subjects impressive english was presented by me in my answer sheet.

Content Creation

In exams and also in some written tests you need to create fresh content in less span.While it might be easy to some people but all people couldn't survive to move forward in this period.
Here comes the blogging experience help you a lot because you have will write many articles which are unique and long in your blogs.You get habituated to writing articles.So you don't find any difficulty in creating content based on the topic.

Eye Attraction (Good way of Presentation)

In terms of blogging and SEO, your articles should be looking good with H1 , H2 , H3 tags includes figures ( Images).In the same way i use to present my answers and paragraphs in the same style.Main headings and side headings makes your paper with different colours.These are eye attracting elements which are key-points makes examiner to concentrate on keypoints rather than total content.

Communication Skills

Don't you agree with it ?? Sitting infront of computer doesn't make you expert.But in case of blogging communication skills are very much important to express your thought in blogging and also Hangouts with bloggers worldwide.Advertisers get convinced and sponsor the posts
at high price only if your way of explanation is good about your blog.In terms of blogging worldwide many people are being connected with you, So that relationship with bloggers can enhance your business.

In the same way, communications skills helped me a lot in my interviews and Group discussions.While i could present my projects or any topic infront of many people without lacking.
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11 August 2014


7 Methods to Increase Domain Authority of your Website

What is domain Authority ?

Domain Authority is a website developed by Moz.Domain Authority of a website depends on Search Engine Optimization done to your blog.Domain authority of a website depends upon many algorithms.It is quite difficult to gain more DA of a website.If your website have high DA it helps your blog to rank on first page of search engines.Even domain authority,Page Rank and Alexa Rank helps you make money online through Sponsored Reviews also.For example:

Take a website of 3 years domain age with Good DA .If a blogger write an article in his blog about some article and a brand new blog of 3 months domain also writes the same article in his own way according to his knowledge.Which domain ranks first ??

For example: Yes..!! Absolutely 3 years old domain.I don't say that only domain age matters but should follow few steps to increase DA like a jet.Never neglect these things to keep your DA high.

Tips to Increase Domain Authority:

Write Quality and unique article

Write long and unique articles to target certain visitors to your Blog.Maintain 500-700 words + articles in your blog.Give Credits to copied content or images in your article.Quality articles refers to Good English ,without grammatical mistakes ,keyword research,etc.Here are the best  effective content writing tips to get returning visitors.Try to get guest posts and also guest blogging to other high reputed blogs.This helps you increase domain authority.

Technical Aspects of SEO

While building your blog,You need to add all the basic settings required to your blog.Fill the search preferences with required details like Meta Tags,Crawler robot.txt and Custom robots of header tags.If you do wrong in these aspects nothing can help you rank higher in Google.This is the basic factor to increase domain authority.

Domain Age

As i said earlier Domain’s age plays a crucial role to increase Domain Authority.If your domain has quality articles and if you posts daily that will helps to attract more visitors to your website.More frequently written articles helps to increase traffic to your website.Try to write 3-5 articles per week in your blog.That helps your blog to have more than 200 articles in a year.

Backlinks and Inter-Linking

Backlinks are the best part of SEO helps you to rank high on SERP. If you have more quality backlinks from high PR sites then you can increase your DA easily. Quality Backlinks helps you to get targeted traffic too. 

Inter-linking helps you to decrease bounce rate of your blog.It increases average time of a visitors on your blog.Related content only should be encouraged to build interlinks.You can also give interlinks after the article completion as " Must Read " or " Also See ".Give atleast 7-10 interlinks in your 700 words article.

Removal of Bad Links

Don'get backlinks from low quality sites or blogs until and unless they are natural backlinks.Low quality blogs backlinks doesn't help you.Try to analyze your backlinks using Ahrefs and Majestic SEO  which are online tools and remove bad links using Disavow links tool.Check your blog backlinks whether any toxic backlinks are built without your involvement called as Negative SEO.Get rid of those bad links by request of removal URL's in webmaster tools.This helps to rank your DA high or the rank will be constant in the other cases.

Create Infographic

Create Infographics which is an image that explains in a colorful way.It is a blog attraction method to increase visitors who are lazy enough to read articles also interested to see infographics.If your infographics is the quality one, You get natural backlinks from other blogs too.When the blog copy a infographics the credits should be given compulsorily. This helps you to improve domain authority of your blog.

Social Media

Creating accounts in social Media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Stumpleupon, reditt, is a great way to increase domain authority.More Exposure can build a brand for your blog.An identity among networks helps to gain trust on the website.Sharing the blog links in those sites helps to gain more traffic and higher DA .


These are the possible ways to improve domain authority of your website.Here you can check domain authority using this online tools Moonsy Domain authority Checker and smallseotools domain authority checker.Follow all the steps to high Domain authority and often check DA.If you have any doubts regarding DA or any new steps to increase Domain authority comments are welcomed.
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08 August 2014


Effective Link Building Strategies 2014 For SEO

Link building strategies are most essential part to rank good in Search engines in 2014.So what you need to do is Off-Page SEO .I think many of bloggers work on more On-Page SEO  but fail in off-page SEO.Not only in article i have seen a practical example of this link building strategies.Recently a blog which is popular in short time had numerous backlinks from reputed sites.Those Links are do-follow and no-follow which are helpful to rank his blog at 30k below in almost 6 months.I analyzed how this was done in such few days using white hat techniques.Finally I found that effective link building strategies are essential to increase blog traffic.

Link Building Strategies

I like to share some of the Link building strategies which helps to boost your blog traffic and rank your blog top on search engines.

Internal Linking

Internal Linking your posts is essential to decrease bounce rate.It happens because search engine spiders look for new content related to same topic.Clearly,when a reader look at your posts you interlink related topic something like Steps to Start SEO.

When we are discussing about a topic about link building ,SEO involves in it.So way we include SEO content by interlinking the relevant content articles.One of the best link building strategies done in On-Page Search Engine Optimization.

Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging is one of the best way to gain high quality links with your articles and also helps to gain online reputation.Get opportunities for guest blogging for more sites helps you build authority in blogging community.First you need to set guest blogging goals and try to achieve it.Do Guest blogging related to your niche only to get focused on blogosphere.
Find guest blog which is Top in terms of alexa and also quality traffic.So start finding top guest blog to blog articles effectively.

DoFollow Links

Dofollow Links are easiest way to get backlinks by commenting on CommentLuv and Keywordluv blogs.You can find High PR blogs for commenting by entering your niche on DropMyLink.Get Dofollow links by commeting on High PR and High Alexa ranking sites to increase your visibility on Google.

Submit To Directories & Forums

Submitting your blog High PR directories such as DMOZ, Yahoo directory.This is an effective way of getting high quality of  backlinks because link coming from these directories are more qualitative links than links from different blogs.This is also one of the popular link building strategies to rank your website to be in top of search engines.Leave your website link as signature in Forums so that to avoid spamming on forums.

Social Media :

Link building in Social Media helps you get backlinks from high PR as Facebook and Twitter may help you get organic traffic to your blog but may not help you to increase Page Rank.But Over posting blog links on Facebook may leads become spam on one fine day.So beware of posting your site URL's on Social sites.

Reciprocal Link Exchange

One of the bad-way of Link building strategies and also know as black hat seo technique.As the name indicate " Reciprocal Link exchange " Link exchange between two sites with mutual understanding of bloggers.This is not encouraging method for link building but you can use it in a clever manner.

If a blogger have two blogs in one of two bloggers.Let us Imagine Mr.X and Mr.Y are bloggers.Mr Y has 1 blog and Mr.X has couple of blogs.Mr X gives backlink for Mr.Y website and Mr.X gets backlinks for another site from Mr.Y.

Crazy trick Right ??? Have a try and get links from quality blogs.


Using all the above link building strategies you can rank high on SERPS.Link building is one of the advanced SEO techniques used these days using white hat techniques. Blackhat link building strategies can ruin your blog badly.So follow the right path to achieve the success and keep it alive for a long time. 
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