22 July 2014

Interview with Krishna Moorthy D Founder of Blogbeatz

Posted by Prithvi S
Hello Tech geeks and bloggers..!! lets have a small break in blogging.An Interview with Krishna Moorthy D who is popularly known as CEO and Founder of Blogbeatz.com which was a brand new blog started a few months back and alexa ranking is almost 31k worldwide within short-span of time helping many of newbie bloggers even.He is also expert in SEO , Make money online , Affiliate marketing, Sponsored reviews , So let us know what are the secrets behind his blogging techniques and make money online methods which might help many newbie bloggers to improve their blogging skills.

Interview With Krishna Moorthy

So Lets Shower the interview questions to Mr.Krishna Moorthy D.

When Did you Start Blogging ? What is the reason behind it ?

I started learning about blogging 2 years back ,but I started real and powerful blogging 5 months back.I used to read ShoutMeLoud a lot so, I was inspired by Harsh Agarwal to start a blog.

Who are your inspirational bloggers and Why ?

My Inspirational bloggers are Harsh Agarwal and Neil Patel and probably its because of their amazing blogs and marketing tatics.

How much time do you spend daily on blogging 

I spent around 2 Hours on my blog and 4 hours on Facebook.

Some bloggers Write articles only for SEO. Is it good or bad ?

Writing about SEO is good, but rehashing content (Spinning) is too bad.Supposse if you’ve written an article about SEO after some experiments then damn sure its too good.

Your traffic sources ??

Search Engine, Social Media and Blogging Communities.
Secret behind your blog success within shortspan ?

Hard Work and I’m Passionate "

Your average monthly earnings on blogging ?

I earn around $500 - $1000 per month from blogging , clients and internet marketing.

Do You support blogging to be a fulltime career or part time ?

I never support “blogging” as a full time career because the current trends of blogging is changing and you cannot always rely on it.This is the generation of domination.If you need a small income then take it as a full time job and yes I’ve seen many guys earning big with their blogs.So you can consider Internet marketing as a full time career like you can earn with affiliate marketing etc., but not from blogging always.

What are your Future plans in blogging field?

Moving my life as a blogger doesn't fit my dreams, I gotta develop something big and wonderful to move my business to the next level.

Your advice's to newbie bloggers ?

Learn blogging and spend time on learning always, never mind income at the beginning stage.


Thanks to Krishna Moorthy for Spending your valuable time for the interview.Hope his suggestions and experiences shared would surely help many upcoming bloggers.Know More from experts and share the knowledge you've gained from them.
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18 July 2014

6 Best Ways To Increase Page Rank

Posted by Prithvi S
Page Rank..!! I think i need not introduce this word to bloggers.But if you're newbie blogger,you need to know about Page rank and its importance.Page rank plays a crucial role in blogosphere.Lets Learn what is page rank and its importance first.Later we can discuss about how to increase Page rank vigorously.

What is Page Rank ?

Page rank is a google's Algorithm which calculates websites popularity and gives a rank which lies from PR 0 - PR 10.PR stands for Page Rank. Page Rank 0 indicates or No page rank indicates Very Poor.Page Rank 10 means which is excellent and most popular.Only Social Networking sites and E-commerce sites may lie above PR-5.If you're Page rank is above PR-5 you've done extra-ordinary work for your blog.In trending blogs about blogging , health , tech etc,if you rank Pr-3 or Pr 4 you've done a very good work for your blog.Page rank update happens only once in 6 months or in a year. So get your blog ready for next PR update.

Importance of Page Rank  

Page Rank , Domain Authority , Alexa Rank,Page Authority, Moz Rank are important for a blog.As i have described already about how to increase alexa rank in my recent article.. Now i like to share about how to improve page rank .But before that lets learn importance of Page rank . There are many benefits in improving page rank of your blog.There are various factors why page rank is vital factor for every website.So Main moto of bloggers should be to increase page rank of website.
Advantages of improving page rank of a website

How to Increase Page Rank or Improve Page Rank ??

There are different methods to improve page rank consistently. Now I like to share various methods that you need to follow to increase page rank.

Best ways to increase page rank

1. Quality Content :

" Content is a King ". You might have listened it many more times.But I need to mention it because quality content brings quality to your blog too. Effective Content writing tips are essential inorder to craft an article in your blog.Simply Be Unique and Attractive.

2. Guest Posting :

Guest Posting doesn't mean that exchange of backlinks each other, But delivering quality content to reputed blogs.So that your site can be highlighted if you're content is good. Guest posting considered as spam when too much backlinks are build  on exchanging of backlinks.But backlinks helps to get good rank in SERP.So try to do guest posting for High PR blogs and get quality backlinks .

3. Link building and Commenting :

  • Stop building links to low ranked sites and try to build links to get high PR.Get nofollow links by commenting on more number of reputed blogs.So that more number of backlinks helps to increase page rank.

  • Internal linking also helps you to decrease bounce rate which is an additional advantage to increase page rank. Give atleast 5+ interlinks in your posts.

  • Negative SEO can ruin your sites ( Building backlinks for unrelated anchor texts ) and gives negative impact on site/blog.Use Disavow Tool for removal of bad links .Spamming in un-related sites can result in ban of blog.

  • Avoid buying backlinks and alexaboosting methods in short span in illegal ways. Even you're alexa is boosted at the time.It brings bad impact on your site and may lead to ban due to spamming.

4. Blog Communities and Forums :

Share Your Links in a proper way by following the forum rules.So that you get traffic and good reputation too.Share interesting and unique content.So that more number of people get addicted to your blog.

EX: Kingged, Warriorforum , bloggingcage, Indiblogger etc.

5. Design and other Factors :

Your blog/website design plays a crucial role to increase page rank.Site Loading time should be less.Better choose SEO friendly templates for your blog and check loading time from here.Be sure that navigation of your blog should be user-friendly.So that Sitemap page is enabled to your site.

6. SEO

SEO comprises of two parts mainly on-page optimization and offpage optimization.If you're new to these words you  can learn it from here. Both are essential for enhancement of your blog and to increase page rank.

Here you can check current page rank of any webiste from here.

Conclusion :

All the above rules a blogger need to follow to improve page rank of ones blog.Don't look for short cuts or getting PR-6 blogs in one day itself which was a funny thing. Hardwork and determination keeps your blog high.So these are the tips to increase page rank.I think you have a crystal clear idea about how to improve page rank.Hope for the best and wait till next Page rank update.If any suggestions regarding improving page rank or doubts, you can comment below.
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16 July 2014

Basic Steps To Start Search Engine Optimization

Posted by Nareyshh Vellanki

What is Search Engine Optimization ?

Search Engine Optimization was a process that  can optimize your  Blog for search engines.The visibility of your blog increases on google by search engine optimization (SEO).
 More traffic to a blog mainly from Search Engines like Google, Bing , Yahoo. Then, we want to optimize our blog for search engines. When the  blog is highly optimized , your blog traffic and visibility in Search results would  increase.
Basic Steps To Start Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization was a difficult thing, but may not be a impossible.Learning more things about SEO can rank your blog on search.We very well know about that there exists a affordable Search Engine Optimization.
There would be some external viewing sources within search engine optimizaion service.

Main parts of SEO


Keywords were the words that are  used to search on search engines like Google, Bing…etc. Every blog is based on some Keywords. Eg: For a technical website,
 The main keyword of that site is Technical.  We have to optimize our blog by inserting keywords to search results. If we are using WordPress, 
There will not be an  option to insert your Keywords. The  blog name should have the main keyword. eg: For a Blogging website, the blog name is start or end with 
‘Blogging’ like www.bloggermaal.com .

2.Page Title

We have  to insert the keyword when, make your blog title. Should not use a large title or a short title. The Title must between minimum 10-70 characters.

3.Meta Tag

We might inform the Keywords and Description of the blog to affordable Search Engines Optimization by using Meta Tags. Viewers can’t see this meta tags. You have to insert 
important keywords on the meta description too. It might help to increase your search engine rank. Meta Description should contain 70 – 160 Characters.


We have to insert Heading Tags which consists of keywords.It helps to optimize your blog and decrease your bounce rate.Here it includes a search engine optimization service.


Here  ‘Content is the King’. The primary thing for SEO is Content of that blog.When  your content is excellent our blog get high traffic to your blog. 
The  content must includes H1,H2 tags and keywords. The ratio between Text and HTML should be atleast 15%.

6.Site Map

We have to upload a Site map to Search engines for index all our posts and Pages in search engines. We might generate a sitemap using 
‘Site map generators’. Go to Google Webmaster tools and Bing Webmaster tools and submit your Sitemap.


It would be one of easier , does not  steam anymore, and perform  all this in few days and might forget about this. We must constantly work hard, have to  produce fresh new information, make communication to our twitter followers, make  post updates  often to Facebook, construct a better reputation on forums and blogs, might  to know press contacts and could  keep  them up-to-date within  how we are  doing and usually the internet would construct trust in our website.
Make  remember that, SEO was an ongoing perfornmance effort, and we should keep viewing our site for great  progress. We could try tools like SEOMOZ, that would make crawling our fresh Website like a search engine optimization bot, and would give our recommendation to increase your website.Then  there you have it, the top ten primary  basic SEO things we have to do for the launch a site. I hope few of our found it more useful, feel more free for sharing what we have to do within affordable Search Engine Optimization.

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12 July 2014

Killer Tips to Get Success in Blogging

Posted by Prithvi S
Hello Everybody ..!! Hope I need not give any explanation about blogging.As i have written my previous article on what is blogging and how to start blogging.I think you've enter into blogosphere with inspiration of someone right?? Do u think that Mr. some one had succeeded in blogging easily .Absolutely No ..!! Every blogger need to work hard to get succeeded in blogging.First you need to learn how to make a successful blog and how to make money with a blog.


As you might have heard it already many newbie bloggers blog the articles for short periods and leave it.Do you know why ?  The actual reason was they want to earn huge money  in short periods.My dear newbie's all blogging and earnings don't come to you overnight ;).Now here you learn how to write a successful blog

So here i like to share some killer tips to get success in blogging .

Learn and Write the content :

Don't Simply write article using article rewritter and by copying others content.By copying the content you get nothing instead you're blog may be penalized under DMCA act. Learn how to write blog first that is some thing which is related to your niche.Content is king,so start doing research on chosen topic and collect some information regarding your topic.Then write an article about it clearly explaining each and every point.You should make readers to fall in love with your content.

Encourage readers to Comment :

Comments should be encouraged by you for your readers ,so that blogger interactions and relations can be developed by commenting on it. Positive reviews help your readers to gain interest on your posts.Better enable Comment Luv on your blog either on blogger/wordpress.So that user engagement will be high. 

Learn SEO 

The heart of blogging is SEO( search engine optimization ).SEO consists of aspects of On Page optimization and off page optimization.

On Page optimization

  • Page Title
  • Keyword Research
  • Meta Keywords and Meta descriptions 
  • H1,H2,H3,H4 tags
  • Alt Tags 

Off Page optimization

  • Article Submission
  • Commenting on blogs
  • Guest Blogging 
  • Link building

Promoting Your blog

Identity of your blog come with Quality content and effective promotion.Make use all types of traffic sources that are legit to make your blog popular.But don't spam unnecessarily,that may lead to ban of content and blog too.Use social networks like Facebook ,Google Plus,twitter,linkedin,Reddit,Stumbleupon,Bigsugar,Inbound,bloglovin,delicious, and blogger forums.These are the effective ways to drive traffic to your blog for free. 

Conduct Giveaways:

Conduct Cash giveaways on your blog frequently to attract more visitors to your blog.So that they get subscribe to your blog updates everytime. The.The most important is you should focus on what people attract more like cash giveaways.Spend some to earn more.You too should participate on other giveaways and build relations with more bloggers.

Focus on Niche & Write Regularly

Focus on what you are writing .Write Regularly on the related content.Don't write unrelated content in the middle of your niche blog writing.Manage your time to write regularly or atleast 5 articles a week.Choose different and attractive topics which visitors get hooked to your posts.

Suggestions from Pro-Bloggers

Follow blogging tips niche blogs to gain more knowledge on every aspect of blogging.Get suggestions from pro-bloggers.Ask them to review your blog and you can find cons for your blog.Ask advice's and make sure that maintain good relationship with all bloggers by visiting their blogs and updates. 

Monetize your Blog in Different Ways

Here you can learn how to make money writing a blog. Making money with blog means for a newbie blogger its just an adsense.You are absolutely wrong.You need not turn back if you failed to get adsense. Work for your blog by putting your heart and soul.Alexa rank , Page Rank , Domain authority automatically increases and then you can search different ways to monetize your blog.Some of the ways i have described in my previous article Make money blogging.Don't depend on one ad-network or one way of monetization from your blog , explore for more money making ways.


Hope you got an idea after reading this article about how to write a successful blog and get success in blogging.Don't use any shortcuts or blackhat techniques to boost your blog overnight.Gain more knowledge on blogging,so that you'll be able to deliver quality content to your readers.Focus on long-term goals.Don't be satisfied with what you are with ( Human terminology :P ).As i always say this word in my recent posts too Learn more to Earn more.
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08 July 2014

7 Secret Tips to Increase Website Traffic with Google Plus

Posted by Prithvi S
Hello Bloggers ..!! Hope only bloggers show interest in reading this post.Am i right ?.Content writing and promotion of content should have equal priority.So today I like to share some secret tips for the bloggers to get traffic to website from Google plus. As we know Google Plus is a social network which has recently competing with facebook..

Even though it had not given competition, for bloggers Google plus is a boon.Why i said this sentence you can see in further words.words. Ok now i m going to share some secret tips of bloggers how to drive traffic from google plus to your blog/website. 

1. Use Hash tags 

When You have finished writing the posts. You should start promoting by sharing the posts including hash tags related to your niche.Why should i use hash tag ? Is this question is running your mind. Hash-tags was first introduced in twitter. So that using trending hash tags we may get visits for the posts.People interested in looking hash tag related according to their interest.Using this hashtag you get get targeted traffic to your blog. 

Ex: My niche is blogging,So i use my #tags  like #SEO , #blogging and #contentstrategy

2.Join blogging Communities 

Join the communities related to blogging and post your articles in the communities randomly .Be active on the communities .Post questions and new updates regarding blogging and get connected with bloggers.Choose communities which have more number of members in the community.

Some of the Interesting communities which you get sure shot of +1's for your posts.

Effective usage of these communities can Increase website traffic.

3.Get More Your Followers 

Circle bloggers with different fields.Be Friendly and frank in explaining about your blog.Build good relations with bloggers worldwide.Conduct blogger hangouts in google plus and discuss doubts regarding blogging.Form a team and attract more number of people to follow your blog.

4.Google Authorship

  Your Friends when they search on google for the related posts which your blog consists , your blog appears in 1 st page .So google+ traffic from search results is obtained from here. So you need to contributor for your blog.Your blog visibility increases among your followers.So this can lead to increase website traffic through google plus.

5.Use Google+ Badge

Put Your google+ Badge on your blog.So that your visitors who reach through organic traffic may turn into daily viewers of your blog while they follow by your google+ updates.

6.Using Attractive images and Gifs

As we know Google + supports Gifs where as Facebook doesn't ,it's an additional advantage to google+.So that you can share attractive images and gifs adding your blog name.So atleast 50% have eye on the blog name or according to article.Create Gifs related to blogging.It may be funny or may be controversial.

7.Create Your Brand

Create Pages and Communities with your blog name .Add your friends and followers to the community and be active on it .Put your logo and cover pictures in all the pages and communities to have an blog identity.So that your followers and friends also may add their friends.Be active on page and use #tags while posting in communities or pages.

Conclusion :

The reason why bloggers fail in ranking their blogs is due to lack of promotion. Not only Google+ search from every possible way to get traffic from social networks , forums and also organic too.Don't satisfy with any one source of traffic because if any problem arises in that network your traffic gets low and low.So choose multiple traffic sources and grab their attention towards your blog.By using the above 7 secret tips you can drive and increase website traffic with Google +.
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03 July 2014

Make Readers To Fall In Love With your Blog Content

Posted by Prithvi S
Do u know excluding bloggers , many of the users doesn't show interest in reading the articles until and unless the post makes them interesting.So try to attract visitors to your blog.Isn't a difficult task ?? Yes ..!!  might be difficult task .You should get your blog posts read.For that you need to follow some effective tips for content writing.

FACT : Only 40% of visitors read full post out of 100% visitors 

Did you write Exam anytime ?? May be its a funny question right ? But behind this there was a technique. Do u know how toppers score the marks in exam ? 


Whatever you study , represent it in a attractive way. I think you had an idea about why i related about exam and blogging. Yeah ..!! the the same thing which was running in your mind was right." Neatness in Exam Have +5 Marks ".But in blogging it carries more than 70 % marks to content.Here i like to share some ways of content writing and make reader to fall in love with your content.

6 Ways to get visitors addicted to your content

Run a Perfect Niche :

 A Perfect niche can attract your visitors and make them as your subscribers.For Example i have Chosen a blogging niche.If you write posts on blogging tips,SEO, Blogging tools , people who were interested in your posts daily wait for your new post.Inter-relating articles help you to gain more traffic.Posting unrelated article in chosen niche can spoil your reputation.

Make Your Content Conversation :

Try to converse with your readers.Use your experiences and explain clearly about what you wanted to explain clearly.Just think that you are explain a question or a topic to your friends which you only know.Have some funny conversation and the content should look like an friend who really is talking to you in a jovial way.

Use Effective Title and Sub Heading for Your Content :

Put attractive titles and sub headings to gain the attention of the readers.When the people who see your post title should move into your blog.Content with 700 words of matter looks boring right ? So add some Sub-heading to make it more effective to the readers.Use of visible content that is crystal clear.

Don't Be Lengthy

Don't write lengthy and un-interesting content.If your post is too long that is above 1500 words +, people doesn't show interest on reading too lengthy posts for single topic.But when people get addicted to your blog, they read your articles.But better avoid to increase average time of a visitor.

Choose Unique and Useful Content : 

Content you have choose to write should be unique as well as unique too.If you choose to write a article on a topic ,learn every bit the useful information about the topic.Represent the article in your own words in a understandable manner.Don't copy the articles from the pro-bloggers or don't edit the other blog article.It doesn't give you unique identity or fame to your blog.

Don't use too Professional Language :

Don't use too professional language which users cannot understand.Be a writer even a school student could understand your article clearly.Using of simple and comfortable words can make your readers ease to look upto your blog.Sophisticated language in your blog gives negative impact on your blog. 

Use Attractive Images for your Posts :

Try to choose attractive pictures for your posts which adds some essence.Use copyright free images to protect from copyright acts.Images can also make your readers read the post because content can be explained easily in a single effective picture itself.

Be a Guide

Give the best output to your readers and satisfy their expectations from your article.Encourage them to ask doubts regarding the posts.Put your maximum effort to attract the visitors and love your blog content.Be an inspiration to your readers.Guide them perfectly but don't mislead them by writing dump content. 
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26 June 2014

How to Increase Infolinks Earnings by Increasing eCPM

Posted by Prithvi S 5 Comments
Infolinks is the text -advertising network which has been popular as an alternative for google adsense.Infolinks get easily approved compared to other networks and its usage is also very flexible.It has 4 types of ads presently running intext , inframe , intag ,infold.These ads help you to monetize from your blog.By optimization of ads in a perfect way maximizes your infolinks revenue.Based on many factors your infolinks depends earnings depends.

Why You're not earning from infolinks 

Many of bloggers say " Infolinks earnings are too low ".But many of you just implement code and leave.Then they saying " I am not getting good amounts from infolinks "Infolinks doesnt pay equally for every click.So they quit from infolinks ad-network.So lets learn how to earn from infolinks.
Keeping this in mind i m writing an article to increase infolinks earnings ( infolinks eCPM ).After many experiments i m able to earn good amounts from infolinks.So the hidden secret behind it is  "Ad-optimization"

Ad-optimization is necessary for every ad-networks especially infolinks and google adsense.So Ad-optimization increases infolinks eCPM which boost infolinks earnings.Now I ll explain the secret tips to optimize to earn more from infolinks.

Tips to Increase Infolinks earnings

Here are some killer tips which increase infolinks earnings.This article is written based on my experience with infolinks about one and half year.Just follow the sequence :)


Read-Learn-Implement-Earn $$

Effective Use of  On/Off Tags

I think you have seen Infolinks ads on header and footer on some of the websites and blogs.By default infolinks place their ads on header and footer regions of blogs.Avoid using infolinks on header and footer regions because users don't get into footer and click ads.
Right ???

So what you have do is customize your infolinks ads.But the tricks lies in place of  tags given on correct positions.Place off tag at unnecessary places where you don't want infolinks to display their ads.Insert this tag after</head> section.


Now Place the the below code to enable ads where the content is relevant to your ads


Implementation of High CPC keywords

Usage of keywords which have high Cost-per-click boost your infolinks earnings at peaks Which can increase your eCPM and results in high earnings even you have less number of clicks.

For Example :

Make Money Online , Buy Online etc are some of high paying words which pays you a lot when you implement these words in your article.Have a research of getting high paying words everytime when you write an article.

Customize Text Color

According to your blog template and background test the color which increase your infolinks eCPM as well as infolinks earnings.I personally use Orange  color to my infolinks ads.Based on your earnings test all the colors which suits your blog and increase your infolinks earnings.

Use of Dotted Lines

Use Dotted lines instead of Double lines to increase your infolinks.Because people are irritated by clicking on such Double lines and almost their focus never go to click on double lined ads.


Usage of Low number of Lines 

By default infolinks allows 12 text ads , decrease the number of lines to 8 text ads.So that users shouldn't be annoyed of excess of ads. So try to use less number of text ads.So that users don't enable ad blockers.

Use and Test of types of infolinks ads

As we know infolinks provide 4 types of ads intext , inframe , intag ,infold. According to your niche check by implementing all 4 types of ads or enabling only 2 types of ads.As I said more ads can annoy your visitors .But if your blog is not tech related you can enable all types of ads to maximize your infolinks revenue.

Content and Niche 

Content is the important factor for every blog.You need to have atleast 700 words + article to use the ads effectively.Based on your niche you have to search for profitable keywords which have high CPC.

Good niche + Best Keywords = More Earnings

Good Traffic 

Good traffic doesn't mean high traffic from single country.Get More US traffic because clicks from other countries pay more $$ compared to their own countries. So try to acheive traffic from all parts of world.
organic traffic to increase earnings

Additional Tip : Organic traffic can increase infolinks earnings rather than social media traffic.So gain organic traffic by doing Keyword research to your blog.Choose Your related niche category while applying for infolinks.


I think now you have a clear idea of optimization of infolinks ads and increase your infolinks earnings.If you have any doubts regarding the post your comment here or give your feedback after implementation of this in your blog.
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