12 February 2016


Download TuneIn Radio For PC/Laptop in Windows 7/8/8.1/10

Hello friends .Well I would Like to write an article about one of most trending app in play store " TuneIn Radio".Yes, Do you know TuneIn Radio app was the most popular app in the Playstore.Do you know that TuneIn Radio app is available for PC too ??.Ok we shall know some description about TuneIn Radio app.

Information About TuneIn Radio For PC:

TuneIn Radio App offers 1 Million Radio Stations which covers every topic all around the world.You can select your favorite category like sports,news,music,etc.It is a free app available in playstore.
Every category in this radio gives you multiple channels.if you are cricket lover.You can stream ESPN radio.If you are interested in News you can have streaming FM channels like BBC,CNN etc.But Premium users for this TuneIn Radio app enjoy much more compared to free users.In Premium app you don't get any commercial advertisements in between your match live updates.The clarity you get in TuneIn Radio was crystal clear music.I use this app in my mobile and experience real feel in music.As i use my home WIFI Connection.I do not get interrupted and get latest updates of my favorite sports Cricket,Football on TuneIn Radio App.

This app requires internet inorder to stream FM radio.You can use your mobile data/Wifi connections to stream the radio channels.If you are using mobile data use 3G/4G data packs to stream the radio without buffering in mobile devices where as we need to download TuneIn Radio for PC,we need strong internet connection for PC.So that you dont get interrupted by slow internet connections. Easy access of App is being provided for users comfort.

So you have got enough of information about this app right.This TuneIn App for PC can be accessed in operating systems like Windows 7,8,8.1 and 10 too.Now Lets check how to use Download TuneIn radio app for pc.

Steps to Download & Install TuneIn Radio for PC

1.First you need to Download Blustacks app player in your PC from official site itself 
for free.
2.Check the compatibility whether your file supports operating system.
3.Ok Now you have Downloaded the application.Install the application in your PC.
4.Almost the task is finished.Now you need to search for " TuneIn Radio "
5.Use the search bar in Play store to find TuneIn Radio application and then click on Install option to install it. Process is just simple which is similar to installing any app or game on any Android device.
6.You will be asked to authorize tha app. Accept the terms and conditions.Then automatically the app will be downloaded to your Blustacks app player.
7.Just open the Downloaded TuneIn Radio app for Computer and Stream your favorite channels on your Computer itself.

Hope you have understood now how to to download TuneRadio For PC Free I hope you didn’t find any difficulty in above steps. If you really enjoyed our guide to download Tunein radio for pc, then you can share it with your friends on social media site to let them know about how to download TuneIn Radio for PC freely by visiting our site.Keep Visiting.
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29 January 2016


How to Increase Infolinks Earnings/ Infolinks eCPM

Infolinks is the text -advertising network which has been popular as an alternative for google adsense.Infolinks get easily approved compared to other networks and its usage is also very flexible.It has 4 types of ads presently running intext , inframe , intag ,infold.These ads help you to monetize from your blog.By optimization of ads in a perfect way maximizes your infolinks revenue.Based on many factors your infolinks depends earnings depends.

Why cant you increase infolinks earnings ?

Many of bloggers say " Infolinks earnings are too low ".But many of you just implement code and leave.Then they saying " I am not getting good amounts from infolinks "Infolinks doesnt pay equally for every click.So they quit from infolinks ad-network.So lets learn how to earn from infolinks.
Keeping this in mind i m writing an article to increase infolinks revenue ( infolinks eCPM ).After many experiments i m able to earn good amounts from infolinks.So the hidden secret behind it is  "Ad-optimization"

Ad-optimization is necessary for every ad-networks especially infolinks and google adsense.So Ad-optimization increases infolinks eCPM which boost infolinks earnings.Now I ll explain the secret tips to optimize to earn more from infolinks.

Tips to Increase Infolinks earnings

Here are some killer tips which increase infolinks earnings.This article is written based on my experience with infolinks about one and half year.Just follow the sequence :)


Read-Learn-Implement-Earn $$

Effective Use of  On/Off Tags

I think you have seen Infolinks ads on header and footer on some of the websites and blogs.By default infolinks place their ads on header and footer regions of blogs.Avoid using infolinks on header and footer regions because users don't get into footer and click ads.
Right ???

So what you have do is customize your infolinks ads.But the tricks lies in place of  tags given on correct positions.Place off tag at unnecessary places where you don't want infolinks to display their ads.Insert this tag after</head> section.


Now Place the the below code to enable ads where the content is relevant to your ads


In this way you can increase your ECPM of Infolinks where placement of ads vary for each template.

Implementation of High CPC keywords

Usage of keywords which have high Cost-per-click boost your infolinks earnings at peaks Which can increase your eCPM and results in high earnings even you have less number of clicks.

For Example :

Make Money Online , Buy Online etc are some of high paying words which pays you a lot when you implement these words in your article.Have a research of getting high paying words everytime when you write an article.

Customize Text Color

According to your blog template and background test the color which increase your infolinks eCPM as well as infolinks earnings.I personally use Orange  color to my infolinks ads.Based on your earnings test all the colors which suits your blog and increase your infolinks earnings.According to my template i use orange color for monetizing my blog.

Use of Dotted Lines

Use Dotted lines instead of Double lines to increase your infolinks.Because people are irritated by clicking on such Double lines and almost their focus never go to click on double lined ads.


Usage of Low number of Lines 

By default infolinks allows 12 text ads , decrease the number of lines to 8 text ads.So that users shouldn't be annoyed of excess of ads. So try to use less number of text ads.So that users don't enable ad blockers.

Use and Test of types of infolinks ads

As we know infolinks provide 4 types of ads intext , inframe , intag ,infold. According to your niche check by implementing all 4 types of ads or enabling only 2 types of ads.As I said more ads can annoy your visitors .But if your blog is not tech related you can enable all types of ads to maximize your infolinks revenue.

Content and Niche 

Content is the important factor for every blog.You need to have atleast 700 words + article to use the ads effectively.Based on your niche you have to search for profitable keywords which have high CPC.

Good niche + Best Keywords = More Earnings

Good Traffic 

Good traffic doesn't mean high traffic from single country.Get More US traffic because clicks from other countries pay more $$ compared to their own countries. So try to acheive traffic from all parts of world.
organic traffic to increase earnings

Additional Tip for increase infolinks revenue : Organic traffic can increase infolinks earnings rather than social media traffic.So gain organic traffic by doing Keyword research to your blog.Choose Your related niche category while applying for infolinks.


I think now you have a clear idea of optimization of infolinks ads and increase your infolinks earnings.If you have any doubts regarding the post your comment here or give your feedback after implementation of this in your blog.
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03 December 2015


How to Logout from Facebook Messenger on iPhone 6 /6S/Android

The apple company provides presented much-awaiting i phone 6s and also 6s Furthermore touch screen phones into the electronic digital marketplace and also till at this point, lots of people have got obtained this specific i phone and also savoring this incredible popular features of i phone 6s/6s Furthermore cellular phone. Because it includes completely new attributes, men and women may have several questions in connection with program of the completely new iphones. The majority of people strongly employs social media similar to Fb, Twitting and other Messaging Platforms similar to WhatsApp. When, should, you've kept up to date just about any software with your i phone, certainly it includes several completely new benefits and also changes. For those who have kept up to date ‘Facebook Messenger’ software with your i phone just lately, you might have got remarked that it doesn’t commonly give a logout choice.

Method 1: Logout From Facebook Messenger Via Facebook App

  • Launch chat app.
  • Tap the icon for SETTINGS.
  • Scroll down gently until you can spot the highlighted words, DATA USE POLICY. Tap that blue hyperlink.
  • Tap the menu bar on the top left corner.
  • Zoom slowly until you can see clearly your PROFILE PICTURE at the top right corner. Tap your picture to reveal the drop down menu.
  • Tap LOG OUT from that drop down menu.

Method 2: Logout from Facebook Messenger via Browser

  • Open Facebook.com in your browser.
  • Scroll down until you find  facebook settings. Tap it.
  • Find the entry that lists these:
  • Device Type: Facebook Messenger on iOS 8
  • Device Name: Facebook for iPhone
  • Tap the X icon next to that log to end its session.
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How to Find Out Website Traffic or Competitor's Page Views ?

Hey Guys . Back with interesting post .Do you want to know how much traffic (or page views) other websites in your niche are getting for competitive analysis?
1. Alexa– Enter the site's area and Alexa will uncover the positioning of that site taking into account a consolidated measure of extraordinary guests and site visits. The rank isn't founded on a site's movement alone yet is in respect to the activity of every other site that are observed by Alexa. Website admins are frequently suspicious of Alexa number yet they the rank is still a decent pointer of a site's prevalence after some time. 

2. Compete – You can utilize Compete to assess the aggregate US activity (one of a kind guests) for about each website on the web. Contend utilizes information from ISPs, their own particular toolbar and other information sources to quantify the movement. It offers different measurements like Page Views, normal stay span, demographics, and so on yet these are just accessible to paid clients. 

3. Similar Web – It began as an apparatus for discovering comparative locales yet now offers a scope of information incorporating activity investigation in a spotless interface. You become acquainted with the site's movement after some time, the nations that are sending the most activity, what look watchwords are bringing the natural referrals, the amount of time clients are spending on a site et cetera. The activity reports can be downloaded as PDF documents for chronicling. 

4. SEM Rush – It offers a lot of data around pursuit (natural) activity for any site. Put in the site URL and you'll immediately know how the site has fared in natural pursuit after some time. The information can be split by nation, you become acquainted with which destinations are sending activity furthermore the watchwords that are bringing the most guests. Open Site Explorer is another well known device in this class. 

5. QuantCast – Like Compete, you can utilize QuantCast to decide what number of individuals have gone to a chosen site amid a give period from desktop or cell telephone. For locales that have executed the QuantCast labels, you get more precise measurements including guest demographics, activity by nation, and the split in versatile and desktop.

Couple of years ago, Google Ad Planner and Google Trends for Websites were the go-to instruments for evaluating a webpage's movement yet they have following been ended. You can however still utilize the Display Planner apparatus inside Google AdWords to get a smart thought of a site's movement and demographics. Here's the manner by which: 

Go to Display Planner and sign-in with your Google Account. You need not be an AdWords publicist to utilize this apparatus. 

Next put the site's space in the inquiry box, set the Campaign focusing to United States (or uproot geographic focusing to see worldwide movement) and snap "Get Placement Ideas." Google will now demonstrat to you the normal impressions every week for that area and in the event that you increase that number by 4, you get a decent gauge of the site's month to month activity (hits).
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24 October 2015


7 Killer Tips To Increase Domain Authority of your Website Quickly

What is domain Authority ?

Domain Authority is a website developed by Moz.Domain Authority of a website depends on Search Engine Optimization done to your blog.Domain authority of a website depends upon many algorithms.It is quite difficult to gain more DA of a website.If your website have high DA it helps your blog to rank on first page of search engines.Even domain authority,Page Rank and Alexa Rank helps you make money online through Sponsored Reviews also.For example:

Take a website of 3 years domain age with Good DA .If a blogger write an article in his blog about some article and a brand new blog of 3 months domain also writes the same article in his own way according to his knowledge.Which domain ranks first ??

For example: Yes..!! Absolutely 3 years old domain.I don't say that only domain age matters but should follow few steps to increase DA like a jet.Never neglect these things to keep your DA high.

Tips to Increase Domain Authority:

Write Quality and unique article

Write long and unique articles to target certain visitors to your Blog.Maintain 500-700 words + articles in your blog.Give Credits to copied content or images in your article.Quality articles refers to Good English ,without grammatical mistakes ,keyword research,etc.Here are the best  effective content writing tips to get returning visitors.Try to get guest posts and also guest blogging to other high reputed blogs.This helps you increase domain authority.

Technical Aspects of SEO

While building your blog,You need to add all the basic settings required to your blog.Fill the search preferences with required details like Meta Tags,Crawler robot.txt and Custom robots of header tags.If you do wrong in these aspects nothing can help you rank higher in Google.This is the basic factor to increase domain authority.

Domain Age

As i said earlier Domain’s age plays a crucial role to increase Domain Authority.If your domain has quality articles and if you posts daily that will helps to attract more visitors to your website.More frequently written articles helps to increase traffic to your website.Try to write 3-5 articles per week in your blog.That helps your blog to have more than 200 articles in a year.

Backlinks and Inter-Linking

Backlinks are the best part of SEO helps you to rank high on SERP. If you have more quality backlinks from high PR sites then you can improve your Domain authority easily. Quality Backlinks helps you to get targeted traffic too. 

Inter-linking helps you to decrease bounce rate of your blog.It increases average time of a visitors on your blog.Related content only should be encouraged to build interlinks.You can also give interlinks after the article completion as " Must Read " or " Also See ".Give atleast 7-10 interlinks in your 700 words article.

Removal of Bad Links

Don'get backlinks from low quality sites or blogs until and unless they are natural backlinks.Low quality blogs backlinks doesn't help you.Try to analyze your backlinks using Ahrefs and Majestic SEO  which are online tools and remove bad links using Disavow links tool.Check your blog backlinks whether any toxic backlinks are built without your involvement called as Negative SEO.Get rid of those bad links by request of removal URL's in webmaster tools.This helps to rank your DA high or the rank will be constant in the other cases.

Create Infographic

Create Infographics which is an image that explains in a colorful way.It is a blog attraction method to increase visitors who are lazy enough to read articles also interested to see infographics.If your infographics is the quality one, You get natural backlinks from other blogs too.When the blog copy a infographics the credits should be given compulsorily. This helps you to improve domain authority of your blog.

Social Media

Creating accounts in social Media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Stumpleupon, reditt, is a great way to increase domain authority.More Exposure can build a brand for your blog.An identity among networks helps to gain trust on the website.Sharing the blog links in those sites helps to gain more traffic and higher DA .


These are the possible ways to improve domain authority of your website.Here you can check domain authority using this online tools Moonsy Domain authority Checker and smallseotools domain authority checker.Follow all the steps to high Domain authority and often check DA.If you have any doubts regarding DA or any new steps to increase Domain authority comments are welcomed.
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22 October 2015


How To Bypass/Hack Applock in Android Devices

AppLock is one of the android security applications utilized by the majority of the android clients. AppLock helps us to bolt photographs, messages, contacts, applications and so on., and secures our protection. In any case, AppLock won't give 100% security to the applications. In this article, I'll explain you now How to hack AppLock android app. No need to uninstall the app or no root is required. well! let us see how to bypass AppLock android app without knowing the password.

This was experimentally proved by testing it on  my friend's phone.

Hack Applock in Android Devices

Method 1:Hack App lock

You can switch off the mobile or reboot the mobile.
When the phone is switched on.The app lock do not work for first 10-15 seconds.
Then you can open any application which is locked previously 

Method 2: Bypassing the app lock

Lets now try bypassing the app lock. This trick is fun doing as it is quite simple and it is unnoticeable.

Simply follow these steps-

  • First select the target phone having app lock.
  • Open “Settings” from  the app drawer.
  • Tap on “Apps” or “Applications” in your phone.
Hack Applock in Android Devices
Hack Applock in Android Devices

  • Navigate to “Downloaded apps”.
  • Search for “App Lock” Application.
  • Tap on the App Lock application.
  • You will see “Force Stop” application. Tap on it as u see in below screenshot.
Hack Applock in Android
Hack Applock in Android

Note :If the app lock is enabled for settings.First use the Method 1,Then immediately open settings after reboot and Force Stop the application.

With this particular AppLock software currently is with not doing anything talk about. You'll be able to open secured programs devoid of coming into the particular pass word.

I hope you’ve have got realized how to bypass AppLock application with google android gadgets. When you have virtually any doubts, remark beneath in the remark part as well as sense liberated to reveal this technique having other people.
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20 October 2015


Sure Fire Trick To Get Adsense Approved In 2015

Hie Friends, Back with an interesting posts regarding Google adsense approval 2015.Many of the new bloggers will be disappointed due to rejection Google adsense ads.I think many of you read articles on how to get adsense approved fast.Do Not buy adsense which were brought using Proxies of other countries.When you buy adsense from somebody,they might not say you all this blah blah...!! But be careful while dealing with adsense.If you choose to buy adsense buy a genuine trusted adsense if the guy promises you to get back adsense if it is banned.But getting adsense fast in the illegal ways have more chance to get banned.So I shall share google adsense tips and tricks to get approval in the genuine way.


First I like to explain a genuine way of getting Google adsense.

Domain Age Factor :

Domain age is the primary criteria for adsense approval.As per the google policies you need to wait atleast 6 months for adsense approval for indians especially.But a perfect blog with all requirements which i have mentioned below need only 2 months of domain age for approval. 

Responsive Template

You should choose a template which is SEO-friendly and which is a quick navigation.The Color and design of the template or theme should be feel good one.Take care in selecting your blogger template or wordpress theme,select a responsive Template or theme

Also See: How Blogging Helped Me In My Education Career

Content and Posts

 You should write every post which consists of 700 words+ which should be unique content and Copyright Free Images.You should not copy the content from other blogs.But as i said before " Copying From One Source is called Copying " and " Copying and Analyzing From Different Sources is called Unique article writing".Your blog should contain atleast 10+ posts before you are applying for adsense.

Required Pages

Pages you need to create and display on your site are About Us , Privacy Policy , Disclaimer ,Advertise , Contact Us.These are the things which are additional advantage to get adsense approved easily.

A Little SEO

As we know on page and off page seo techniques are required for blogging to get organic traffic.A little organic search traffic adds your blog advantage to get approved easily.Backlink Building externally for your blog and internal links for every post.Optimize Images  for every post is essential to get adsense approval fast in 2015.

Remove other ads

Remove all other ads which you implemented in your blog to monetize from your blog while applying for adsense.Because Google do not like such annoying ads coming on your site which reviewing your application.

DMCA Copy Right

DMCA copyright helps you in 2 ways to get protected from adsense.You'll not get caught soon even you copy some content when you have registered to this site.Even Google adsense policies were accepted that you're site has no copied content.

Check your site with Copyscape Before applying for adsense.

False myths About Adsense

Traffic is not the criteria for the adsense approval,because i personally applied adsense for one of the blog which is inactive and has daily traffic 2-3 visitors/day :P. Even i got adsense approval for that blog.

Alexa Rank doesn't matter for applying adsense.I strongly say even if you have very low alexa rank it doesnt matter.So dont believe in spreading rumors like alexa rank and traffic is more important for applying adsense.

Got Rejected ???

Yeah I know you  how we feel very sad when you are rejected by google adsense.Never loose hope on Google Adsense  ads.Apply again, you will sure get adsense approved if you follow all the rules and regulations.Least choice you should go for google adsense alternatives like infolinks, bidvertiser,Adcash etc.

Reasons You are rejected For Approval of Google Adsense

  • Using BlackHat Tools like alexa boostup,backlink building tools
  • You're already banned by Google Adsense.
  • Using Niche like downloads,adult content,hacking etc.
  • Writing articles against Google adsense.
If possible correct it or take a new domain and apply for adsense following all the aboves rules.Hope you have got answer for how to get adsense approved fast in 2015 and reasons for not getting google adsense approved.Get approved for adsense and make money online easily and enjoy google adsense revenue.Best of Luck Bloggers.

Now a days the adsense  approval in india and  have been made easy just you need to register in Google adsense and wait for 3 days only.
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